Facebook Marketing Optimization Guide In 2022

by social media Published on: 07 March 2022 Last Updated on: 08 March 2022

Facebook Marketing Optimization

According to the 2021 statics, by the end of 2022, there will be over 2.89 billion active Facebook users. The age of these users is lies between the ages of 13 and 65. This is the reason Facebook is a great platform to reach a broad audience. Although Facebook constantly changes its algorithms.

And ad management faces many challenges for Facebook marketing optimization to marketers. 

8 Facebook Marketing Optimization Guide

Facebook has 1.82 billion active users daily, so having a well-optimized post is a big challenge for social media marketers. 

Utilize high-volume hashtags, write well-crafted captions, add image alt text, and optimize posts with the appropriate photo size.

Here are the eight Facebook marketing optimization guides for 2022 marketers.

1. Sizes Of FB Photos

Sizes Of FB Photos

Ensure your pictures are the right size to optimize Facebook insights and appear in high resolution. 

These entertaining and easy Facebook marketing optimization techniques are giving you the proper idea with dimensions, width, and orientation for every Facebook image position.

2. Cover Photo For Facebook

You can add a relevant cover photo on your Facebook profile, page, group, even for any event. However, it’s displayed at 820 x 312 pixels on desktops and 640 x 360 on smartphones despite the 400 x 150 pixels minimum requirement. 

Any less will be stretched to fit. Text and logos should be saved as PNG files to avoid pixelation.

3. Profile Picture

Profile Picture

A good profile photo selection is crucial for Facebook marketing optimization. The number of times we’ve seen a company’s profile photo with pixelation would be staggering. Page profiles will display at approximately 170×170 pixels (and 128×128 on smartphones). 

Your existing photo file should be 340 x 340 in square format to avoid pixelation.

4. IMG Posts

Facebook will crop your image based on the orientation (landscape, portrait, or square). Photos that are landscapes or horizontal will have a width of 476 pixels and a height that maintains the aspect ratio.

Sharing a link from your Facebook timeline will scale the associated image to 476 x 249 pixels in the feed and 484 x 252 pixels on a page. Posts using these tags will appear in your timeline.

5. Proper Image Tag for News Feed

Proper Image Tag for News Feed

Facebook uses the image tag to decide which image to use in the news feed. A 476-pixel height is then achieved by cropping from the top and bottom. You must set your image’s parameters in your website’s code to ensure it renders correctly on Facebook, a task that might require a developer-minded marketer.

Portrait or any vertical photos are mounted to 394 pixels tall oriented from the left with white space on the right. And the width is adjusted to maintain the aspect ratio. Furthermore, whatever the original size of a square photo, it is scaled to 476 pixels on all sides. Facebook will scale up any image smaller than 476 pixels, resulting in a pixelated image for Facebook marketing optimization.

6. Posts With Links

Here are the numbers you need to remember in a nutshell:

The cover photo measures 820 x 312 pixels

At least 340×340, displays at 170×170 should be your profile picture

Scaled to 476 pixels wide (landscape), 394 pixels tall (portrait), or 476 x 476 pixels

Post has been scaled to 476 x 249 pixels which is a great way for Facebook marketing optimization.

7. Hashtags

With it, you can target your audience on social media. Since there are so many different kinds of posts, targeting any specific can be difficult.

You can narrow down your audience by using hashtags. A person searching for a hashtag on Facebook is likely very interested in the topic, so they’re searching for more information about it. Because of this, posts with hashtags receive 12.6% more engagement than those without.

You can use hashtags to highlight specific Facebook marketing optimization campaigns or posts you think your followers enjoy. Facebook will target your audience more effectively when you use hashtags that your audience will be interested in.

8. Captions


Your post captions should be limited to 40 to 80 characters on Facebook to be valuable. Your Facebook marketing captions can inspire your followers to engage with your photos and videos or buy your products or services. 

Use stories, use polls, offer advice, use universal appeal, and showcase your fans to create engaging captions.


All of these eight tips are most valuable for Facebook marketing optimization. Keep using these tips, and you will see how each of your campaignings is going to be your best-lead generation’s way. Do you have any special tactics in your mind? Do not forget to share your opinion in the comment sections.

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