How To See Sensitive Content On Twitter? – All You Need To Know

by social media 30 December 2023

How To See Sensitive Content On Twitter? – All You Need To Know

How do you see sensitive content on Twitter? 

No, we are not using the right names here. Let’s update it. 

How do you see X-labelled content on X? Yeah, that’s more like it. 

Well, puns aside, Twitter, being a popular platform and widely used platform among different age groups, tries to set up a standard for its audience. They block sensitive content by default to stop younger users from accessing it. 

Initially, sensitive content is blocked for all users by default. But, irrespective of the type of device you use, you can browse sensitive content on Twitter or X. How? That is where I come in. Read this article to learn how to unblock sensitive content on X, or might I say Twitter?

What Is Sensitive Content According To Twitter?

Before we unblock them, let’s learn what is sensitive content on Twitter. Twitter/X, the media giant, is the host to lots of moderated content which they classify as “sensitive.” However, the platform also allows adult content to some extent. 

However, high visibility areas do not allow viewing of sensitive content on the platform. But, if someone is willing to view sensitive content on Twitter, they have to alter the settings on their phone. 

Their sensitive media policy stipulates that audiences unwilling to view sensitive content have the option to avoid those types of content. Also, users who are not aged above 18 are kept away from the sensitive content through their age restriction settings. 

The sensitive media policy states that Twitter or X does not allow content types as listed here. These are what they call sensitive content in Twitter’s language. 

  1. Graphic content
  2. Violent sexual conduct
  3. Adult nudity and sexual behavior
  4. Gratuitous gore
  5. Bestiality and necrophilia

How To See Sensitive Content On Twitter?

Twitter no longer remains Twitter. After Elon Musk happened, it has become X. So, here is an answer to how to see sensitive content on X –

First Step

You have to select the More icon and navigate to the Privacy & Safety settings on X/Twitter. 

Second Step

Are you there yet? If yes, find the section reading “Content You See.” You will see an option that reads, “Display media that may contain sensitive content.” There is a check box right next to this option. You have to check this box. 

Third Step

Once you check this box, you can now see sensitive content without any restriction.

Most people who watch different sensitive content on Twitter would want to hide what they are seeing. Well, no want wants web tracking to follow their browser cookies. 

Try using a strong privacy-enabled browser for this. Also, if you uncheck the same box you checked for viewing sensitive content, you can stop seeing them again. 

How do you see sensitive content on Twitter? Hope you have an answer to this question now. But there are more queries you may want to know. Keep reading. 

Why do I see “This Tweet Might Include Sensitive Content” Warning On Twitter?

Twitter has a sensitive content policy (already mentioned in this article), which does not allow users to post adult content. These include live videos, list banner images, profile headers, and community cover photos. 

But, if you are posting this type of content on Twitter, you must mark each of the relevant tweets. Or you may have to list your Twitter account as sensitive. When you mark your content or your profile as a sensitive profile, your content will have a warning message for the viewers. 

They will see a gray blur where you posted the content. It will also contain a warning message reading “This tweet might include sensitive content.”

Even when the user does not mark the content, Twitter’s algorithm can sense it and mark it as sensitive. As a result, the viewers will still see the warning sign. 

How To Report Media On X Posts?

Here are steps for reporting a media on X –

  1. First, go to the post that you want to report on You can also do the iOS or Android app of X. 
  2. There is a three-dot icon you have to tap or click con. 
  3. Now select the option reading Report Post. 
  4. Select the option reading “It displays a sensitive image.”
  5. Once you have reported the post, X will provide you with additional recommendations for improving your experience on the platform. 

Now, remember, if you see things that you do not like and if X has not placed a warning label before the post, it means that the post does not meet their threshold for being a sensitive post. 

Steps X Takes After You Report A Sensitive Media

Once you report a media and flag it as sensitive, X reviews your report to determine if the media consists of any warning signs. They follow the X media policies for analyzing the warning signs of the post. 

Also, you must remember that you can only bring a post to the platform’s attention when flagging them. But the X team will check the media. However, the flagged content may not automatically get warning messages or get removed from the platform automatically. 

You can check the media policy of X in detail to have more information on what you can do if someone reports your content as sensitive content. 

How To Change Sensitive Content Settings On Your Own Posts On X?

How do you see sensitive content on Twitter? Well, now that you know the answer, how about posting them? Well, not all users want to post such content, but many adult content creators market themselves on the platform and show some sensitive content. So, how do you turn on the settings to label your content as sensitive content? 

If you want to regularly post sensitive content, I suggest you change your media settings and flag it yourself as sensitive. You can warn users about the type of content you post. Here is how you can do it –

  1. Go to X/Twitter and log into your account. 
  2. Look for the Menu or the Three Dot option and click on it. 
  3. Now choose the Settings and Support option. 
  4. Choose Settings & Privacy.
  5. Navigate to Privacy and safety.
  6. Click on Your posts.
  7. Check mark the mark media you are posting as consisting of sensitive materials.

Final Words

How do you see sensitive content on Twitter? Now that you have read this article, you must know how to see sensitive content on the X platform. However, you must stay safe and secure, irrespective of your age. You can use security software. But if you let kids use Twitter, it is advisable to not enable seeing sensitive content on the platform.

Did you find this article helpful? Let us know through the comment section. Thank you for reading.

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