How To Use Linkedin Marketing To Generate B2b Leads

by social media Published on: 27 November 2023 Last Updated on: 01 March 2024

LinkedIn Marketing to Generate B2B Leads

LinkedIn is like a huge yearbook for professionals. It has over 690 million users. This offers a significant pool of potential customers for your business. But did you know that now businesses can make the most of LinkedIn marketing as well? 

Yes, LinkedIn is now available for brands who are willing to grow in the near future. But how to get into it? Let’s look at some key tips for using LinkedIn to get more customers.

Make An Awesome Company Profile

Your LinkedIn company page is super important. For many people, it will be their first point of contact to learn about your business.

You want your page to look impressive and show what makes your company special. Here are some things to include:

  • Your logo and brand colors
  • Pictures of your products or office
  • Background on what your company does
  • Employee photos and bios
  • Customer testimonials and reviews
  • Links to your website and blog

The goal is to make visitors to your page think, ‘Wow, this company is impressive, and I want to do business with them.” Take the time to fully complete your profile and customize it. A bare-bones page looks bad. An impressive page attracts customers.

Linkedin Marketing: Lets You Connect With Your Dream Customers

Once your company page is ready, start connecting! Search LinkedIn for your ideal potential customers. See what groups they are part of and who they know.

Then, send connection requests. Make the messages personalized. Remind them where you met if you have talked before. If not, say you admire their work or are in the same industry.

Accepting invites grows your network. A bigger network means more people see the content you share. Avoid indiscriminate connection requests to avoid appearing unprofessional.

Focus on quality over quantity. Connect with those most likely to buy from you or partner with your B2B marketing agency. Nurture those relationships over time.

Share Helpful Stuff

Sharing high-quality content establishes your brand’s expertise. It shows customers you can help them with your knowledge.

What should you share? Articles, tips, videos and more that your target audience would find valuable.

For example, if you sell software, post guides for using it. If you’re a business coach, share leadership advice. Curate or create content that assists your target audience while positioning your company as a trusted resource.

Once you publish something, promote it! Share the post with your network in status updates. More eyeballs on your content means more leads- all thanks to Linkedin marketing. 

Join Relevant Groups

Groups on LinkedIn are full of engaged professionals. They represent opportunities to connect with potential customers.

Search for active groups focused on your particular industry and niche. For example, a b2b marketing agency may want to join “B2B Marketing Pros” or “Tech Marketing”. Also, consider joining groups related to the roles your ideal customers hold, such as ‘VPs of Sales’

Participate in group discussions by providing helpful advice and solutions, not just sales pitches. Share stories that establish your experience. Be the go-to expert in the groups so people want to work with you.

This helps you get on the radar of prospects already interested in a topic related to your business. Groups enable you to attract customers indirectly, as opposed to cold outreach.

Run LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn ads take your marketing to the next level. You can get your business in front of tons of qualified prospects.

The key is precise targeting. LinkedIn offers options to target job titles, companies, locations, interests, and more. For example, run ads specifically for “Directors of Engineering” at “Fortune 500 Companies”.

This gets your ads in front of people most likely to buy from you, not random people. Create ads with compelling headlines and copy. Test different images, calls-to-action, and offers to see what converts best.

Check your analytics frequently. Double down on what works and eliminate what doesn’t.Refine your strategies based on data to achieve the best results.

Retarget Website Visitors With Linkedin Marketing

Retargeting helps you continue nurturing prospects who have already shown interest.

Add the LinkedIn Insight tag to your website. This lets you then display ads on LinkedIn to people who have visited your site.

For instance, if someone visits a pricing page but doesn’t sign up, you can display an ad offering a discount.

Retargeting is great for moving prospects further down the sales funnel after they have engaged with your website.

Thought leaders in your industry likely publish popular content on LinkedIn. You can pay to sponsor their posts and articles.

Sponsored content provides a sense of third-party endorsement.. When prospects engage with it, they also see information about your company. You gain trust by association with respected creators.

Choose to sponsor content that genuinely provides value to your target audience. Don’t just sponsor anything randomly. Ensure the content aligns with your customers’ interests.

Get Leads From Forms

Lead generation forms enable you to collect prospect contact information directly on LinkedIn.

Offer something compelling in return for their details, like a free ebook, checklist, or consultation. The key is providing high-value offers that appeal to your audience.

For example, a LinkedIn marketing agency could offer a “10 Tips for Better Social Media Marketing” ebook. A business coach might offer a free 30-minute coaching call.

Once you have someone’s info, you can further discuss how your products and services can help them. Integrate Linkedin marketing and begin by offering something valuable before making a sales pitch.

Promote Your Company Page

After putting time into your LinkedIn company page, be sure to promote it! Share page updates and news posts so they show up in your followers’ feeds.

Respond to any comments and messages on the page to increase engagement. Ask satisfied customers to leave reviews and testimonials.

Also cross-promote your page elsewhere. Add a LinkedIn link or badge to your website, emails, other social accounts, sales materials, and anywhere else that makes sense.

Check Your LinkedIn Metrics

Tap into the data LinkedIn provides to understand what’s working well. Look at views, likes, comments, clicks, leads, and conversions for your posts, ads, and other content.

These metrics tell you what resonates with your audience. Double down on more of that. Stop doing what doesn’t get traction. Continually optimize based on the numbers.

Follow Up ASAP With Leads

When someone expresses interest, don’t let that lead go cold! Follow up as soon as possible, within minutes or hours. Quick response turns more prospects into customers.

Set up systems to contact LinkedIn leads instantly. Integrate your CRM with LinkedIn so leads are contacted immediately. Speed matters when nurturing leads.

Someone reaching out on LinkedIn is already engaged. Strike while the iron is hot. Follow up fast!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make good ads on LinkedIn?

Target your ads to the right people like those with certain job titles. Make eye-catching headlines. Try different pictures and offers to see what makes people click your ads.

When should I contact LinkedIn leads?

Message new leads super fast – in just minutes or hours after they reach out! Fast follow-ups turn more LinkedIn leads into sales. Use a CRM to stay on top of new leads.


LinkedIn is great for finding new customers.

Make your company page awesome to show how cool your business is. Connect with people who want to buy from you. Join groups to share your knowledge. Post helpful content regularly.

Run targeted ads and show ads to website visitors. When you get leads, contact them right away!

Also, use emails, events, and ads on other websites – Incorporate Linkedin marketing into your comprehensive marketing strategy!

Dedication and effort lead to rewarding outcomes. LinkedIn can help grow your business and make sales skyrocket!

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