How To Choose The Right Adwords Agency For Your Business

by Advertising Published on: 13 November 2020 Last Updated on: 20 December 2022

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Building your digital marketing campaign out for the first time with an agency, or transferring to a new one is a process.

Businesses on a growth mission start to examine what they need from partner services.

When you are looking for an AdWords agency in Sydney, consider how prospective service providers stack up on the following elements:

Here are How To Choose The Right Adwords Agency For Your Business:

1. Values Alignment

What is important to you should also be a fit with your digital agency.  This will be the foundation for the business relationship you enter into.  If flexibility is important, then you will want to look for an agency that does not have lock-in contracts.

If results focus on a specific area that is important to you, then be sure to question how they measure, monitor, and assess any digital marketing campaigns.

Think about where communication sits in their values set, how transparent their process is, and whether you are looking to hand everything over or if you are looking to be involved in certain parts of the AdWords process.

The right digital agency will take you on if you are the right fit and be customer-centric or recommend other options for you if they don’t feel it’s a good match. For example, if you are considering extending your business in Sydney, you must select the Adwords Agency Sydney as they will be well aware of the present local market trends.

Just like any product or service, there are always options, so being clear on the type of solution you need from a values perspective will help you choose the right one.

2. What’s the track record of the Adwords Agency?

Dig a little deeper than the reviews, and look for the results that they achieve for businesses similar to yours on a few different parameters.

Consider your industry, company size, stage of business, product type, and budget as a starting point.

If the agency ticks these boxes, the next step is to review the similarity in the target audience and customers that you will be designing your Google ad campaigns.

If you are wanting to grow beyond your target location and reach new geographic markets, can your team bring insight into the process?

3. The importance of Credibility

Ticking the track record box with positive client reviews and knowledge that will support you in your business growth goals is great.  Now it’s about backing it up with credibility.

There are different types of Google Adwords agencies for specific countries and the Globe, and Google award two different “street cred” badges to agencies.

The badge status is awarded based on Google’s performance criteria of  Company Performance, Spending, and Certification.

Adwords Agencies with a Google Partner Badge

At this level, credibility is given to those agencies who maintain and grow their customer base and maintain and grow solid ad revenue.  Companies need to consistently demonstrate this for a minimum of 12 months.  This will give you confidence in their experience.

A reputable AdWords agency is required to be responsible and accountable with a minimum of US $10,000 ad spend in their client portfolio over a 90 day period.

Finally, at the Partner level, at least one user needs to be certified in Google ads and have appropriate account-level access.

Adwords Agencies with a Google Premier Partner Badge Status

Performance criteria need to be met, and Google will only award this status to the top 3% of digital agencies.

For Ad Spend, a credit agency will be measured on growth, retention, and a higher level of ad spend.

The reason this metric is important is it shows that clients are getting results through their investment, and they are prepared to keep reinvesting in Google as part of their marketing budget.

Finally, certification of two or more users is required to ensure that clients know they have access to expertise when it comes to getting the right ads set up and optimized.

4. Team Structure

When you discuss this area with an ad agency, ask them questions about the different roles within their organization, whether you will have a single point of contact, or be shared amongst different team members for different AdWords elements.

It can be helpful to know if they outsource any team roles so you can understand who is performing what task, and how you can resolve any issues that may arise, and what their collaborative process is.

The same will be useful for your agency to know about your business, as they will look to see how the decision making authority over things like ad spend, creative sign off, and how optimization is managed, which brings us to the last important area of discussion.

5. Innovation

One of the great benefits of partnering with a Google Adwords Agency is that they will have the time, skills, and expertise to optimize your ads and look at how reaching your customer conversion goals can be achieved.

Ask the agency about how they bring innovation into the process for their clients, and how this translates into different Google advertising campaigns on various platforms.

It’s also handy to know who else is involved in coming up with creative solutions, whether you will be a part of it, or whether options will be presented before they are implemented.

Some key factors that will help you know you are dealing with an Adwords partner who loves to innovate include:

  • They split test different elements on Adwords – including hooks, imagery, and copy
  • They have experience optimizing ad sets to generate strong ROI’s for clients
  • They themselves can and have adapted quickly in a very dynamic digital environment (algorithm update, anyone?)

6. Contract and Fee Structure

Be clear on what you are looking for, and whether you are comfortable with a lock-in contract, and if there are any results guaranteed with such an agreement, or if you would prefer a flexible arrangement so that you can leave any time.

Getting the right solution means getting the right fit for you as a client and the digital agency you choose – whether they are based in Sydney or based in Brazil.

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