10 Powerful Advertising Tips for Your Small Business

by Advertising Published on: 20 July 2018 Last Updated on: 16 March 2020

You finally got your new business off the ground. Now what?

Now you have to let people know you are there. You have to advertise your business or service. There are many ways to do this effectively.

Even with a small advertising budget, you can make a big impact. With the right ad campaign and the right tools, there is no reason it won’t be successful. Getting the good word out about your new business is how you keep it going.

With a little help and clever planning, you can market your business and make people aware. Here are a few advertising tips to get you started.

Advertising Tips for Small Businesses:

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make people aware of your service. You can do a lot of advertising on your own and even for free.

1. Keep It Simple :

You don’t have to get complicated. Keep your message simple.

Some of the most clever and effective advertising around is a simple, easy message. People remember something easier when they are not overwhelmed or expected to read or retain a lot of information.

2. Use Your Logo :

Use your brand on everything, even if it’s just your name. Have it on business cards, websites, headings on all your social media platforms, and any other tool you use.

If you use a car for business, have it on the door or window. Use it on your packaging, your invoices, and receipts. Anything that has to do with your store should have your name or logo on it.

3. Use Humor :

People love to laugh. They also don’t feel like they are being blatantly sold something when they are being entertained.

The use of humor is an easy way to engage people – and they will remember you much better. It’s also a great way to get your message passed on to potential new customers.

4. Social Media :

Use it daily to repeat your message. Grow your followers by following similar but non-competitive businesses. Social media reaches many people, so use a constant and simple approach.

It could be as easy as sending out a picture of your daily lunch special or a joke of the day. You can tie it into your business. Make sure you have them all connected to each other and access to them from your website.

5. Use Visuals :

People love to watch videos or look at pictures. Most of them don’t or won’t read a lot of text. Plus, it’s often not convenient to read for a long period of time off your phone screen.

Share before and after pictures of your product or service, or photos of your product or service in use. People will relate much better to visual proof than written material.

6. Play with Colors :

Colors help people remember information and evoke feelings.

Use the colors you have in your logo or brand. It makes it seem more legitimate and it’s far more memorable. People will begin to associate your brand with those colors.

Warm colors, bright colors – they’re all very useful in advertising and can have a great influence on people without them even realizing it. You can discover more about the use of colors here.

7. Engage with Your Community :

Taking part in your business community is essentially free advertising. Help out a local baseball team, supply products or services for an annual event, or participate in local charities to get noticed.

Even more than all the advertising you can do, taking part in community events will get you a great reputation. It can be something very small, but its impact can be tremendous.

8. Offer Incentives :

Making people take notice is a fun and effective way to get customers into your store. You can send out a riddle or question every day, and offer incentives to people who guess the answer.

It can become part of your routine, and it will become something people look forward to seeing every day. Giveaways are an easy and inexpensive way to engage your customers.

It won’t cost you much to give out free samples, small promotional items, or special discounts. You can have a lot of fun with these and get very creative with it.

9. Flyers :

Yes, flyers still work. They are cheap to produce and catch the eye. You can get them out to a targeted area or just the general public.

These can be posted in your business area, around places that will benefit from your service, or on community bulletin boards. Place them in bags with purchases to inform about upcoming sales or events.

10. Testimonials :

People like to hear about your service from someone else. Word-of-mouth is still an effective form of advertising. When testimonials are told by people we all relate to, it’s more believable.

We all need to see ourselves reflected back. Listening to someone tell us how much better their life is after discovering a product will make us desire that product.

It’s just more believable to hear it from someone who has tried it. If we can see the results, even better.

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With a little creativity and the right advice, there is no reason why you can’t advertise your way to a very successful business. If you’re very new, get expert advice on how to start and look for the best advertising tips.

It doesn’t have to be aggressive and over the top. Have fun and find the right ads to work best for your business so you can keep your customers engaged and coming back.

There is enough to worry about when you’re running a small business, so keep your competitors at bay with a few clever ads and slogans. You will soon build up a lot of loyal customers.

Please continue reading here for other helpful tips on small business adventures!

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