How to Determine the Best Ad Channels in 2021

by Advertising 19 December 2020

Ad Channels

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New Orleans, LA (November 19, 2020):

Determining the best ad channels to use in 2021 starts by looking back at past successes (and failures), gleaning insights from those experiences, and building off of that knowledge to map out future digital marketing strategies in the new year. Below is a core lineup of ad channels marketing teams and agencies should keep at the forefront of their planning, according to Brian Hong, founder, and CEO of one of New Orleans leading digital marketing firms, Infintech Designs. Although some of these are tried-and-true classics, there are a couple of ad channels teams should be paying more attention to as technology improves, and more tools are made available to leverage them easily.

“Firms should always be ready to embrace new strategies and never fall into a rut when it comes to building up ad channels,” Hong says. “However, it is equally important they don’t forget the channels that have already taken them to where they are today. There should be a balance between looking towards the future while remembering the past.”

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization

The king of digital marketing strategies, SEO, is fundamental to a brand’s searchability, visibility, and, ultimately, its success. Marketing teams live and die by SEO strategies, and it will continue to be a key ingredient to digital marketing in 2021. Getting users to find a product or service starts with the seller’s SEO score, which is ranked on individual search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGO, and many others. Each of these searching tools contributes to the total SEO value of a given brand or company, so it is essential to consider rankings across all search engines, which can be improved by paying attention to keywords, pay-per-click campaigns, display ads, backlinks, and many other simple strategies.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Conversion rate optimization can best be described as lowering customer acquisition costs by cultivating more value from current visitors and customers. Investing in a CRO tool or service can significantly increase the revenue value per customer, thoroughly analyze the customer avatar, improve momentum in acquiring more customers, and make the cost per acquisition more profitable. Specifically, CRO involves building pages and user experiences that are breathtaking in simplicity and design, and focus on tactics that will lead the prospect into becoming loyal, returning customer as quickly as possible before their attention (and money) is spent elsewhere.

Organic Search

Organic searching is and likely always will be a very solid buy when it comes to ad spending. It is fundamental to enhance organic search traffic and, at the same time, giving a competitive edge to whoever can leverage this tactic most effectively. By targeting high-value keywords and analyzing their competition, companies can provide their products and campaigns a little boost without breaking the bank and work towards improving their overall search rankings. Using organic search effectively also means outmaneuvering competition and adding more value by adding more curious eyeballs eager to explore a website, product, service, etc.

Voice Search

Voice search features on smart devices are improving at a dramatic pace, and more consumers are relying on this technology as it’s streamlined into their homes, cars, and of course, cell phones. With this in mind, it is vital to actually have a voice search strategy now. Using Google Ads to get an idea for how users are discovering a brand or product with voice searches offers excellent insights for how to tweak ad copy, landing pages, and current ads to get more value.

Hire a Professional

The sheer amount of data at one’s fingertips is a true gift for anyone looking to understand their customers and get better leads. But for the uninitiated, determining how to leverage data into an effective ad channel can lead down an endless rabbit hole of wasted time and resources. Those looking to maximize their ad channels in 2021 should consider hiring a digital marketing agency. Most major cities have at least a dozen to choose from, and in New Orleans, Infintech Designs remains at the top of the list of preferred partners. Offering a full suite of personally-customized solutions from SEO, content marketing, ad strategy, and more, Infintech has led hundreds of clients into new levels of success

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