Customizing Cosmetic Box Packaging for Foot Scrubs

by Advertising Published on: 26 November 2019 Last Updated on: 29 October 2021

Foot scrubs are used for exfoliating the feet and getting rid of dead skin. These are used in homes and salons for pedicure. There are a number of foot scrubs with natural and other formulations available for the shoppers online and in stores. The scrubs are among the most popular foot care items.

Businesses need to make sure that not only is their packaging attractive, it is also cost-efficient and budget-friendly in nature. Most businesses that are looking for wholesale packaging should research the packaging partner they want to work with. Unless you are paying attention to the prices, you will not be able to get the best ROIs for your business. The lower your packaging rates, the better will be the returns of your investments. However, you do not want to compromise on the quality of the packaging. This is why sitting down with packaging companies and negotiating with prices and quality should be a top priority.

For skincare retailers that want to create hype for their foot scrub range, having creatively customized packaging is likely to help them with the endeavor. They can make their products instantly likable to the buyers by displaying them in dazzling packaging boxes.

For pitching the scrubs to salons, professionally printed packaging is required to establish your brand credibility. If you are new in the cosmetic business, signature packaging is imperative for creating a distinguished affinity for your brand and products.

You can make the most of your custom cosmetic packaging for promoting your unique foot scrub range. Here are some tips that you can utilize for customizing the boxes for scrubs!

A Simple yet Engaging Cosmetic Box Packaging and Box Design:

The first thing that a potential buyer notices about the product packaging are the artwork. If the design is interesting he/she will be compelled into finding more about the item. For skincare and makeup brands, it is all the way more important to have catchy packaging designs since the shoppers expect glitzy and glamorous boxes for the products. Get your foot scrub packaging box customized with photos and text that complement the skincare item you are promoting. If you have unique names for different scrubs, have them printed in funky font styles to pique the interest of onlookers.

Packaging that Provides Comprehensive Product Details:

If you want to sell more and better, make your packaging detailed for the prospective buyers. Use it as a tool to create awareness about your brand and products. Information like what a foot scrub does to the skin, how many times it should be used weekly, and what is so different about the scrub range you are pitching on cosmetic boxes would play a significant role in swaying the buying decision of shoppers. They will definitely purchase a foot scrub that saves them time, effort, and the salon visit. You need to use the benefits and usage of products smartly on the packaging for scrubs.

Persuasive Custom Cosmetic Packaging Boxes:

If you want the customers to like your foot scrubs and buy them without thinking much about the concerns related to cosmetic items, make your packaging persuasive for them. You can have a dermatology clinic approve your skincare products and this should be highlighted on the scrub boxes. If you have a celebrity or influencer who recommends your foot scrubs, have the testimonial printed on the boxes along with the picture of the celeb.

If you have an online store, personalized Custom cosmetic boxes are one of the effective ways to build rapport with digital shoppers. You can share your brand story and other details with them through the delivery boxes for foot scrubs.

Have the formulation of various scrubs printed clearly on the boxes and mention if a scrub is intended for a specific skin type. You can woo existing and new customers by adding a surprise gift or discount coupon within the packaging of your foot scrubs. Always use the finest printing materials and inks for printing product packaging.

In-Line with the Latest Market Trends:

In the age of social media, things can go viral and become trendy in a matter of seconds. So it’s essential to stay current with the latest trends.

Integrating them into your label and packaging design can work wonders for your brand. And there’s no harm in using all the hype created by media and movies to lift your product sales. Because people get drawn to your products when you jump in the trend.

Breaking the Rules is the Right Thing to Do:

Breaking the rules is not a bad idea but it’s important to go in the right direction. Nearly all industries have predefined rules and packaging isn’t an exception. And when you alter these rules by introducing an innovative packaging solution, your product will never go undetected.

That said, when breaking the rules, be certain that you aren’t deteriorating the relation between the packaging and the product.

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