Reasons to Use Plagiarism Checker before Publishing the Article

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Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism checker is error detection software. It mars unethical copying and pasting of another writer’s content. It is an excellent source to certify that your work is creative beyond doubt. It has become a prerequisite for bloggers, freelance content writers, journalists, students, and travel writers.

It helps you check whether you have jotted down content from scratch. It has an exploratory algorithm that uncovers plagiarized content with the source. Though developers have developed many re-editors yet the top plagiarism checker is by Prepostseo.

In this article, we are going to bring to light what plagiarism is, reasons to use a plagiarism checker before publishing the article with consequences and types, merits, and demerits of plagiarism checker. Finally, we shall reveal the features of the Prepostseo plagiarism checker as the best tool.

Meaning of Plagiarism

Plagiarism is copying someone else’s content without their consent and claims it to be yours.

So, let’s discover the reasons to use a plagiarism checker before publishing the article.

Reasons to Use Plagiarism Checker before Publishing the Article

Reasons to Use Plagiarism Checker before Publishing the Article

a. Timesaving

It helps you save time. You do not have to pass through the rigorous schedule that starts from repeating an article to ensure a complete understanding and finishes with re-editing to create a, b, c, d, and final draught.

b. Grabs Customer’s Attention

Before publishing your article, using a plagiarized app determines that your content is eye-catching to customers. This is owing to the belief that users do not visit sites and read articles that they already know about.

On the other hand, when they come upon engaging and noteworthy information, they favor you over others.

c. Maintains Flawless Reputation

The main asset of an article is its credibility. Plagiarism, as found in journalists, report, a bloggers articles, and student’s assignments damage your reverence.

Therefore, run your article through a plagiarism check to guarantee that it is genuine content. Moreover, bona fide text is a feather in your cap in the digital market.

d. Verifies the Authenticity of Article

Online plagiarism checker is the need of time to verify for originality to avoid plagiarism issues. That is why; you must download at least one on your laptop, computer, or Android smartphone.

e. Bounces up Search Engine Rank

The total percentage of users who visit your site is referred to as bounce up. The more natural your content will be, the better you have chances of high search engine rank for your site. Therefore, you should use a plagiarism checker before posting your article.

If you do not use a plagiarism checker before publishing your article, you may have to face the given consequences:

Consequences of Using Plagiarized Content

Consequences of Using Plagiarized Content

There are serious ramifications if your work is plagiarized. Some of the substantial consequences are:

a. For students

As students, you are suspended and expelled from your institution.

b. For writers

Most bloggers and freelancers face Content rejection issues.

c. For Marketing Agencies

Plagiarism or even allegation of plagiarism against marketing agencies damages reverence.

d. Legal repercussions

It is unprofessional to use someone else’s material without citation and reference. Authors sue you for being a plagiarist.

e. Monetary effects

In cases when a professional writer sues a plagiarist, may grant monetary restitution.

After thoroughly acknowledging the reasons and effects of plagiarism it is time to know two types of plagiarism detector on the internet.

Types of Plagiarism checker

Types of Plagiarism checker

There are two types of plagiarism checker:

  1. Free
  2. Paid

Let’s discuss the merits and demerits of using a plagiarism checker before printing the article.

A. Free (Merits and Demerits)

Merits of Paid Plagiarism Checker

  • Produce satisfactory results

There are a lot of people who disagree that free software does not produce satisfactory results.

However, we claim if you use the Prepostseo plagiarism checker, you will get the same accurate findings as if you used paid software.

  • Saves money for rainy days

Free plagiarism checking selection saves your money for rainy days.

Demerit of Free plagiarism checker

Otherwise, several plagiarism checker apps use:

  1. Poor algorithm
  2. Offers limitations in assessing words
  3. Unclear server data protection policy

B. Paid (Merits and Demerits)

Merits of Paid Plagiarism Checker

Paid plagiarism Checker merits are:

  1. Generate accurate results
  2. No limitation of words
  3. Checks plagiarism with no limitation of words
  4. Data protection facility

Demerits of Paid Plagiarism Checker

  • Expensive-

    It is expensive.

Which Plagiarism Checker is best?

It is often asked which plagiarism checker is best? Free or paid? So let’s find out:

a. Prepostseo

To be safe from infringement penalties, we suggest you select, Prepostseo plagiarism checker. It is a leading-edge duplicate content checker on the web.

It helps in avoiding copying the content in seconds. It supports and scans .doc/ .pdf/ and .txt/. Via OCR Technology, it detects plagiarism in a document.

It is user-friendly. Just copy and paste in the input box and click check plagiarism.

Consequently, with no sweat, you receive unique content ready to post. You can write as many articles to publish as you can by using a plagiarism checker.

It also supports multiple formats for files and languages. This AI software understands the source of your text and highlights the unnecessary data with percentages.  It is safe and confidential.

b.  Plagscan

Plagscan is another plagiarism checking tool available online that is used to recognize plagiarism in your blog post. The tool is very easy to use and your work can be done within a few clicks. In addition, the tool works with most file formats and can be effectively used by individuals and organizations.


To conclude, we have scrutinized the reasons, ramifications, types, pros, and cons of plagiarism checker for you in this post. Being accused of plagiarism is distressing.

To be on the safe side, we recommend you to choose Prepostseo professional plagiarism checker.

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