Looking To Get Vape Juice At Affordable Prices: What You Should Know

by How to Guides 31 May 2021

Vape Juice At Affordable Prices

When it comes to getting the fuel for your vaper, there is one thing that you should keep in mind. While the machine itself is a one-time investment, vape juice is something that you will have to keep on buying forever.

There is a vast price spectrum when it comes to vape juices. The best ones can set you back around $40 USD for a 30 ML cartridge. On the other end of the spectrum, you can get ones for as cheap as $5 USD as well.

The price and quality have a defined market in terms of target audiences. Someone who just wants to vape for the sake of it will not have any issues vaping the cheapest one. On the other hand, when it comes to connoisseurs that are particular about what the taste is like, what brand am I vaping, etc. will always go for the best and highest priced ones.

1. Discount Coupons and Offer Codes:

1. Discount Coupons and Offer Codes:

A lot of retailers in both the offline and online world try to lure in new customers or create loyalty among existing ones by offering good discounts. If you look hard enough, finding a 25% discount on the vape juice is not something too difficult. There are tons of promo codes, discount coupons, and offers on the internet. You can easily redeem them and get your vape at an affordable price point.

Like I already mentioned, you can get heavy discounts. If you are able to get a discount worth 25% off a $30 USD refill, you will end up paying just $22.50! That is a great way to save extra cash on the best brands in the market. You can get the best vape liquids or even locate a cheap e-liquid, if you look long enough.

A quick internet search will give you a list of all the retail stores offering coupon codes for vape juice. You can also subscribe to specialty websites that collect data on available coupons. Finally, you can download coupon-tracking apps; some even earn you cash backs.

2. Utilize Price-tracking Sites and Apps:

Online retailers, including vape juice vendors, often practice dynamic pricing on their e-commerce platforms. Dynamic pricing is whereby sellers use cookies to track customer activity online to determine the maximum amount that customers can pay for a product. As a result, product prices constantly fluctuate online, sometimes within minutes.

To counter price fluctuations, some geniuses developed price tracking websites and apps to help consumers beat dynamic pricing. Price tracking apps and add-ons keep tabs on the prices of your desired items and notify you when the price drops. For example, you can set the app to track your favorite premium-quality vape juice’s price. While price tracking is unpredictable, it can earn you some good deals on e-liquids.

3. Join a Loyalty and Reward Program:

Loyalty and reward programs earn you either cash-backs or redeemable points for participating in a series of activities. You can earn points in a loyalty program by signing up, referring a friend, making a purchase, reviewing products, and sharing the retailer’s products on social media.

Many e-liquid vendors offer loyalty programs and redeem the points and cash-backs for products within the shop. You can either redeem loyalty points online or at points of sale. Some vape juice vendors even allow you to bundle your loyalty points with promotional codes for more significant discounts. Each loyalty program is different, so you need to learn how to earn points in individual programs beforehand.

4. Follow Premium Vape Juice Brands and Retailers on Social Media:

4. Follow Premium Vape Juice Brands and Retailers on Social Media:

Most e-liquid businesses have a robust online presence, including on social platforms. They utilize social media pages to engage with customers and share news about their brand and products.

Some of the information they share includes discount sales, discount promotional codes, and flash sales. The current social media trend by brands is posting on their stories. By allowing notifications from top vape juice brand posts, you will always be aware of discount opportunities before they disappear.

5. Look for Free Shipping:                                     

Vape juice is generally cheaper online than in brick-and-mortar vape juice shops. However, delivery fees raise the cost of the e-liquid and eat into any bargains you may have made. You can avoid paying hefty delivery fees for your vape juice by identifying vendors who offer free delivery.

However, a recent development in the courier service industry may make it difficult for you to avoid delivery fees on vape juice purchases. Several leading private delivery services banned the shipping of vape products to consumers. Fortunately, you can navigate this curve ball by selecting the “pick up in-store” option during checkout. Online vendors generally do not charge delivery fees for in-store picking, which is also faster than delivery services.

6. Download Vape Apps:

6. Download Vape Apps:

Vape apps are more than just platforms for vape enthusiasts to chat about vaping. They are also platforms for electronic nicotine delivery (END) vendors, including vape juice sellers, to market their businesses.

Some high-profile vape apps feature different END vendors periodically and chance them to showcase their business model to app users. Incentivizing customers is a big part of marketing, and nothing screams marketing like a discount. So you will undoubtedly land some good deals on premium-quality vape juice by using vape apps.

Second, vape apps also include the “vape shop near me” feature that allows you to identify local vape shops and view their vape juice prices. Using this feature, you can compare the prices of top-quality vape juice brands among various shops and settle on the best bargain.


All vape juices are not made equal, and quite often, cheaper products have lower quality. Despite this, you can still get top-quality vape juice without draining your pockets. Try out the tips above, and you can be a discerning vape juice on a budget.

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