Helpful Tips for Hiring Preschool Teachers That Will Last

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The teachers and staff of a childcare center are the difference between an OK school and a great one. It’s the teachers who make a school a warm and nurturing place for children to learn. Especially for preschool students, teachers are the most important part of creating a clean and safe environment that promotes engaging learning experiences. If you’re in the position of hiring preschool teachers, you already know that it can be challenging to hire and retain high-quality staff.

Daycares and preschools need a strategic and thoughtful approach to hiring and managing staff that will create confidence in parents, spark joy in their students, and continually fosters learning and growth in their students.

Hiring Preschool Teachers That You Will Love

Preschool owners and managers know that the most important part of their programming is not their curriculum, but the quality of teachers they employ. Therefore, it’s essential to take your time when hiring preschool teachers so that you can ensure the success of your students and build the reputation of your school in your local community.

Read on for our tips to help you hire the best possible teachers for your preschool, starting with how to attract the right prospects!

1. How To Attract Quality Child Care Staff

1. How To Attract Quality Child Care Staff

Obviously, the first step to hiring great teachers for your preschool is to attract the right ones. You’ll have to create advertisements for your open positions. You can try local teaching programs, child care and daycare job fairs, and other online forums related to childhood education. It’s a good idea to always be on the lookout for new staff to add to your child care center, even if you don’t have current job openings. You won’t regret having a running list of talented child care professionals to pull from when you need it most.

The best way to attract high-quality candidates is by having solid policies in place and an environment that is inviting and welcoming. If your center has a great reputation, then you’re already setting yourself up to recruit top talent. Start by offering fair pay and benefits, flexible scheduling when practical, and professional development opportunities. These are the types of things that child care workers are looking for.

We think the best thing you can do to attract the best new hires is to offer leadership and growth opportunities. Great teachers want to continually improve their skills, build on their strengths, and develop professionally. Higher-quality candidates will likely be drawn to your business if they know that they have opportunities to grow.

2. Ask About Their Educational Philosophy

As you’re interviewing candidates, it might be a good idea to inquire about their personal philosophies on learning and development. Do they match up with yours? When it comes to hiring preschool teachers, you’ll want to find people who follow an emergent curriculum. At the very least, they should offer a thorough and passionate response that demonstrates their dedication to early education.

According to experts at the best preschool in Singapore, teachers need to be mindful of staying up to date with the latest educational curriculums. This means being aware of the latest teaching aids, promoting holistic education and learning aptitudes along imparting a positive moral culture where young minds can thrive and develop. Teaching young children at least at the preschool level requires patience, experience, and sound educational qualifications.

3. Check Their Education Background

3. Check Their Education Background

Your ideal preschool teacher will have several years of experience in teaching and a degree in Early Childhood Education. It’s a bonus if the potential hires have already pursued additional qualifications, as it shows that they are eager to improve their approach to teaching and be better for their students.

4. Are They Loyal?

When comparing qualified candidates, look for those who have remained with one employer for a more extended period of time. If they seem to bounce from one school to another, it might be a red flag. Staying with one employer demonstrates loyalty and willingness to commit. Plus, a longer track record at one school shows they are good teachers who are dedicated to their students.

5. Get References

This probably goes without saying, but the best predictor of future performance is past performance. So make sure you talk to the candidate’s past employers and follow up with their personal references. If you can, review families that have worked with the teachers too, and find out if their experiences were positive. Getting a thorough background will help you get honest feedback about the candidate from different perspectives, which can help you make a more informed decision.

6. How Do They Interact With The Kids?

6. How Do They Interact With The Kids?

You can learn a lot by observing potential teachers by observing how they interact with the children. If possible, watch how they speak to the kids in a group setting and one-on-one to get a real feel for how they connect with their students. Can they handle an entire classroom of small children?

Keep in mind that what is on their resume is only half the story! The preschool teacher you hire should fit your philosophy on early childhood education, and it should fit in with the culture you’ve already established with existing staff.

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