What Tricks Can Help You To Write Essay Better

by Job & Career 28 February 2020

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As technology continues to change the modern world, students must continually learn new skills to improve their resumes. However, certain skills remain timeless. Whether you just want to pass your exam or become the next best author, knowing how to write well is important. If writing a good essay is not your strong suit, you will find it difficult to Write Essay to ace your test. Fortunately, if you are having a difficult time writing a good essay, you can purchase an essay online here.

Tricks to help you Write Better Essays

1. Write Daily

Like any other skill in life, your writing skill will improve with practice; therefore, it is important to write every day. It will help you overcome your fear of writing, in addition to improving your syntax. The more you write, the less intimidating the task of writing an essay will seem. You can take advantage of all the writing you do every day; for example, instead of dashing off an email, edit it carefully before sending it. Writing a blog is another great way to practice and improve your writing skills.

2. Improve your Editing Skills

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Most writers secretly think every word they write is a work of genius. Great writers, however, know that most of it is crap. The secret to write essay is having good editing skills. Instead of relying solely on your plagiarism checker and spellchecker, let your own brain do the editing as well. Some of the things to remember include:

  • Go through your essay at least three times before submitting it
  • Read your essay out loud to identify any weird turns of phrase
  • Reduce the length of your essay by about 10%
  • Get rid of any sentence that is irrelevant
  • Avoid complicated jargon
  • Avoid the passive voice as much as possible

George Bernard Shaw once apologized for writing a letter that was too long, stating that he did not have time to make it shorter. Quantity does not always translate to quality; therefore, you should edit your work to get rid of sentences that do not make a new point.

3. Always Seek Feedback

In addition to editing your own work, you should also ask for feedback from your friends. A fresh pair of eyes will catch any patterns you use constantly or mistakes you make too often. Good writers are not afraid of criticism because they understand that it can help them improve. Furthermore, you do not have to use the criticism; however, you do need to listen to it. Simply ask a trusted colleague or friend to play the role of editor.

Other tricks that can help you write better essays include:

  1. Read anything and everything you can get your hands on
  2. Learn the rules of writing
  3. Get a writing library
  4. Pay attention
  5. Instead of developing a separate writing voice, write the way you talk


If you really want to improve your writing skills, you need to know what tricks can help you write essay that inspire. You need to keep up with new technologies, constantly learn, research, and explore. Each time you write about something, you can actually learn and get better. If you follow these tips, you will learn how to write better essays that will help you achieve greater success.

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