10 Best Content Management Tools

by Marketing 14 February 2019

Content Management Systems are software stately to simplify the publication and editing of Web content. CMS enables content creators to submit content without requiring the knowledge of HTML coding or the uploading of files. A CMS is most commonly cast-off in establishing an existence on the network. CMS software keeps the trajectory of all of the information on a Web site. This Content can include simple text, photos, music, video, and documents. Do you want to manage your website and content, but don’t have the technical skills to do so? CMS is the solution to help you maintain your site with ease.

Here are the best top 10 best content management tools that can help to ensure you are working comfortably:

1. Drupal Platform

Drupal Platform

Drupal is a free and open-source platform and content management system written in PHP for building dynamic websites.it is easily customizable and enhances the range of functionality and ideas for designers and developers .you can use these tools to create sophisticated yet straightforward social networking pages, blogs, websites, texts, polls, videos, and more. Mostly, it is usually among the best due to its reliability, security of online sources, manageability, and availability.

2. Mambo


Often this software tool has a wide range of uses from complex corporate applications to simple websites. Its features include; fully localized with language management, ease of customization, easy to install, plugins and add-on products, hundreds of extensions, a web browser editor, and simple for non-technical users to create and update content in an intuitive. It is castoff in e-commerce sites, non-profit organizations, schools, community sites, churches, corporate intranets,s and extranets, and to power government portals.

3. Joomla


It is one of the most widely used open source CMS systems in the world. You don’t need any technical skills to use it as the platform manages all the content for you with just a few clicks. To make easier, this CMS provides a two-level hierarchy that allows you to use hundreds of content-rich website pages. More so, it powers all various types of Web sites comprising of online magazines, newspapers, corporate intranets, and publications together with e-commerce, and government applications. The system includes features such as language internationalization, new flashes, website searching, blogs, polls, printable versions of pages and page caching to improve performance.

4. Hub Spot

Hub spot

This tool offers features that help marketers to deliver and create effective personalized emails without coding expertise. Also, it has integrated analytics which enables you to analyze the efficacy of your email operations easily. More so, it enables you to get the ability to create still and active lists that update spontaneously based on the modification of the list membership and contact field data. The good thing about this tool is that it delivers a full-funnel marketing solution that enables users to deliver and build enthralling emails that can easily link to the rest of their tools and bids.

5. Text pattern

Text pattern

Deliberate to assist in simplifying the production of well-structured, ordinary compliant web pages and overcoming the sprints in publishing online.  CMS has endless features but a few of them include; Limitless site sections, an incorporated link management system that has an extensive article, page elements comments, file and image categories, installation of the browser-based plugin and browser-based file, and image upload and organization. Also, it has an inbuilt search engine and can import content from other content management systems.

6. Contus Vplay

Contus Vplay

It is an online video streaming brilliance that caters to all commerce and segments. It helps you stream live content .it warrants you that the materials you have on your website will always reach and play your consumers in brittle superiority. The tool has all features you require to remain on top of your video materials enhancing an enjoyable and smooth video experience for your audience, both on their mobile devices and the web. This application enables you to upload, alter, pile, accomplish and stream video content through your online channels, including blogs, commercial websites, video streaming sites, and more.

7. WordPress


It is one of the best content management system tools currently, due to its functional system that can easily be custom-made, user-friendly, and has an automatic SEO checking plugin. More so, word press is no longer for blogging alone; it is an open-source project which means hundreds of people all over the world working on it. The better thing about this tool is that you can use it without paying a design price or license fee.

8. CMS Made Simple

CMS Made Simple

It is used all over the world for simple websites, as well as more complex corporate applications. Moreover, you can be able to build websites with different capabilities due to the existence of hundreds of third-party add-on tools that are easy and quick to install. The solution offers the ability to manage news articles, search functioning a contact form, and numerous other built-in functions. It provides a fast and easy way to create a website and manage its contents

9. Pluck


It is usually an easy system tool to handle as it enables non-technical people to manage a website. Key features include: keeping in touch with visitors, the ability to change site information, better results with search engines, creating an unlimited amount of pages, creating your blog, and also creating an album to show images or photos to your visitors.

10. Box


The box is usually important as it stores all your files in a secure and common online place that guarantees you and your team use the latest version. Regardless of your dwelling, you can be able to get access to information necessities .it also gives you the chance to search exclusive files from any media device. Since working in real-time is key, box notes give you the chance to work together .in addition you can centralize feedback and assign tasks, track versions quickly, handle approvals, and automate simple procedures.

Conclusion :

Designing a captivating and successful website is now a lot simpler thanks to CMS Content Management Systems tools. It enables you to create and publish on the internet or intranet with ease. Above are among the best content management tools you can always make a choice.

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