Trekking In Peru Beyond Machu Picchu: An Authentic Adventure Awaits

by How to Guides Published on: 01 April 2023 Last Updated on: 13 May 2023

Trekking In Peru

When it comes to trekking in Peru, Machu Picchu often steals the spotlight. While there’s no denying its splendor, the country has so much more to offer. In this article, we’ll explore the less-traveled paths of Peru and introduce you to a unique travel agency, Travel Differently, that can help you uncover these hidden gems.

Discovering The Spirit Of Travel Differently

Spirit Of Travel Differently

Travel Differently embodies a spirit of authentic, local, and environmentally friendly travel. They specialize in crafting unforgettable experiences for travelers who want to truly immerse themselves in a destination. By partnering with local communities and promoting ecotourism, they help preserve the environment and support sustainable development.

The Five Most Beautiful Places In Peru (Beyond Machu Picchu)

If you’re looking for adventure beyond Machu Picchu, here are five incredible destinations that should be on your list.

1. Choquequirao: The Other Lost City

Choquequirao, often called the “sister city” of Machu Picchu, is an impressive Inca ruin nestled high in the Salkantay mountain range. Although it’s similar in structure to Machu Picchu, it’s far less crowded, making it perfect for travelers seeking solitude and tranquility. The trek to Choquequirao is challenging but incredibly rewarding, with stunning vistas and rich history at every turn.

2. Ausangate And Rainbow Mountain

Ausangate And Rainbow Mountain

The trek to Nevado Ausangate and Rainbow Mountain is an unforgettable experience. This high-altitude trek takes you through diverse landscapes, from snow-capped peaks to vibrant, mineral-rich mountains that give Rainbow Mountain its name. Along the way, you’ll encounter traditional Andean villages and herds of wild alpacas.

3. Cordillera Blanca: A Hiker’s Paradise

The Cordillera Blanca mountain range in the Andes is a hiker’s paradise. Boasting over 700 glaciers, turquoise lakes, and towering peaks, this region offers countless trekking opportunities. Some popular routes include the Santa Cruz Trek, the Alpamayo Circuit, and the Huayhuash Circuit.

4. Kuelap: The Fortress In The Clouds

Kuelap, an ancient fortress built by the Chachapoyas civilization, is often referred to as the “Machu Picchu of the North.” This impressive structure, perched on a mountaintop in the Amazonas region, features over 400 circular stone buildings and a massive defensive wall. Exploring Kuelap is an adventure in itself, as you trek through lush cloud forests to reach the fortress.

5. Colca Canyon: Home Of The Andean Condor

Colca Canyon, one of the world’s deepest canyons, offers awe-inspiring views and diverse trekking opportunities. Hikers can explore the canyon’s depths, visit traditional villages, and witness the majestic Andean condor soaring above the cliffs.

Creating Unforgettable Experiences with Travel Differently

Travel Differently offers a range of authentic travel experiences in Peru, catering to different interests and skill levels. From immersing in Inca culture to exploring hidden gems in the Amazon Jungle, their local and environmentally friendly approach ensures that you not only see the sights but also engage with the communities and cultures that make Peru unique.

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