How To Maintain A Clean And Organized Bathroom: A Guide To House Cleaning

by How to Guides 22 February 2023

Guide To House CleaningGuide To House Cleaning

Fresh air, blossoming flowers, and cleaning the entire house— all these come to mind when we think of Springtime. While you can feel great while emptying the overstuffed closets, also wipe down the windows and the bathroom. Both can be the hardest and also least for a fun room in the house to deep clean. The house cleaning work is not just for maintaining the house. Apart from maintenance, there are some other things, for example, keeping the nice ambiance in the house.

However, like many other areas of the house, bathrooms are much simpler to maintain when frequently cleaned. Deep cleaning sessions won’t take the entire day if you stick to weekly or daily routines.

Now, some homes have more bathrooms than they use, which results in having to clean and dust areas that are rarely used. Others only have one bathroom the whole family uses, meaning it needs to be cleaned regularly.

How To Clean A Bathroom Step By Step?

It doesn’t have to be the embarrassing duty we frequently make it out to be, no matter how your bathroom cleaning situation is at home.

Make a schedule for cleaning and organizing your bathroom, stick to it, and while you’re at it, make it a fun activity by playing music while you work. In this article, we will guide you on how to clean a bathroom and guide you to maintain the level of house cleaning.

Vacuum And Take Towels And Bathmats Out

Any mats or rugs in the bathroom should be vacuumed to eliminate extra dust and debris. Then go to the laundry room to wash and dry your mats and towels. Your freshly cleaned bathroom will need new, fluffy linens, and the floors should be completely bare for the best cleaning.

Vacuuming Or Dusting From Top To Bottom Is Important.

Take your duster or a dry microfiber cloth, and dust the highest level that needs for house cleaning. This includes the baseboards, countertops, exterior of the toilet, and light fixtures. It’s okay if you can vacuum rather than dust. The exterior of the toilet, the baseboards, and in particular, the floors may be affected by this.

Pristine Mirrors And Glass

If you are wondering how to clean glass shower doors, the first step is to spray them with a cleaning solution. Use a microfiber cloth or another lint-free material, such as an old t-shirt or coffee filter, to clean the surface. After that, flip your cloth over and buff the surface to a dry sheen. To avoid streaks, you can also use a squeegee.

Shine Fittings And Faucets

Cleaning your faucets is a crucial part of deep cleaning the bathroom. Sink and shower/tub fixtures can be cleaned using a glass-cleaning rag and glass cleaner. Alternatively, you might use a general cleaner for house cleaning. To remove dirt from the seams of fixtures, use a small scrub brush and then wipe the area dry.

Additional Countertop Items And Clean Soap Dispensers

If they are already dusted, the next step is to “moist” clean them. Your soap dispensers and any other countertop items, like a vase or a dish for jewelry, should be cleaned with an all-purpose cleaner and a rag.

Tidy Counters

Use a granite cleanser for house cleaning if your counters are made of granite to maintain their best appearance over time. If not, use an all-purpose cleaner. As you wipe down the counters, you will likely knock dirt and dust into your sink. Therefore, completing this step before cleaning your sink or sinks is crucial.

Clean The Sinks, Tubs, And Shower

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Add baking soda to your tub and sink if necessary. Cleaning the sink and tub, especially the rims, requires the use of a wet, non-abrasive scrubber. Work your way towards the drain, starting at the borders. Use a scrub brush on the drain and the drain plug’s edges. Rinse well to remove any dirt or cleaning agent residue that may still be present for house cleaning.

Clean Up The Toilet

Moving on, how to clean a toilet? Give the toilet a dry wipe-down. Then, spritz the cleaning solution on the exterior and thoroughly wipe it down. From the cleanest to the dirtiest portions of the toilet, proceed in order.

Open the toilet once you’ve finished cleaning the outside and spray the lid’s interior and the seat’s top and bottom. Spray the top and sides of the rim.

Finally, use a toilet brush to thoroughly clean the inside of the toilet after adding some baking soda (or your preferred commercial toilet cleaner) to the bowl. Sandwiching the brush between the rim and the seat lets it drip dry over the toilet while keeping the lid open and doing the house cleaning work.

Floors Must Be Cleaned At The Beginning

The baseboards must be dealt with first. Cleanse them off quickly. Next, clean the flooring. If the area is tiny, cleaning the floors with an all-purpose cleaner and rag can be the simplest option. Remember to clean the area behind and around the toilet’s base, where dirt and dust gather during the house cleaning.

Wherever Necessary, Disinfect.

Disinfecting should only be done after cleaning. Use a disinfectant spray or numerous wipes on high-touch points or particularly unclean surfaces, such as doorknobs, faucet handles, cabinet handles, and the toilet seat. In addition, you might use a disinfectant wipe on any over-splash-damaged areas of the wall or floor next to the toilet.

Make The Final Touches.

After your bathroom and house cleaning, empty the trash can and clean it if it has a cover. Refill your soap dispensers to ensure that no one is without soap when they most need it. Make sure you have plenty of toilet paper and other supplies. Hang new towels and replace your previously cleaned and dried bath mats.

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People Also Asked

How To Clean Your Bathroom Floor?

You can clean the bathroom floor by following some simple steps. The first one is to clean the surface of the tiles on the floor. Use two parts of baking soda with one part of water to clean grout that is only slightly filthy. If the grout in your bathroom is extremely dirty or discolored, replace the water with vinegar.

But, if you have marble, slate, granite, or any stone tiles, then avoid using acidic liquid like vinegar since it can also damage some of the tile materials. If you’re cleaning rough or delicate tiles, mix two parts of baking soda with one part of hydrogen peroxide.

Use the solution made on a small area to test it and ensure no discoloration. Then, use a spare toothbrush to apply the solution and let it set for some time. After that, clean the floor with water.

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How To Clean Bathroom Walls?

Spray an all-purpose cleaner on the worktops, walls, and ceiling, then turn on the shower and turn up the hot water until steam forms (about five minutes).

Shut the door as you go and turn off the water to give the cleanser and steam 20 minutes to combine. Then use a fresh cloth to clean all the surfaces and a clean, dry microfiber mop to reach high locations. After you’ve finished the other nasty job, wipe the tile floor.

Apply a coat of car wax once a year on ceramic tile to reduce the appearance of watermarks. Water will roll off after beading up. On tiled walls and ceilings, mold-resistant paint can also be helpful for house cleaning.

How To Clean Bathroom Tiles?

Vinegar works well for cleaning bathroom tiles. White vinegar and water should be diluted 50:50 in a spray bottle before being sprayed directly onto the surface. Every surface, including tiles and glass, can be cleaned of soap scum with this method. To prevent any streaks, all you have to do is buff the surface dry.


Cleaning your bathroom might seem tedious, but not if you plan around it. If you value hygiene and a spotless bathroom, we advise cleaning at least a few times a week and deep cleaning once a month.

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