Announcing Your New Website Launch With Flair: Tips And Tricks

by Technology Published on: 10 April 2023 Last Updated on: 15 May 2023

Website Launch

We now live in a digital world. Most of our shopping can be done online, and we can also look for services from the web too. We also read blogs and social media for product reviews and also for advice before the website launch. 

It is important for your business to have a website in this day and age. Whether your company is new or has been around for years, having a website will help you grow and also help you get more traction. 

A New Website Launch Is More Like Starting A New Venture

Revealing the launch of your new website is always an exciting event. Sharing this information with your customers and the community as a whole is a must. Creating or revamping a new website is quite complex. There are things that are easily overlooked, like broken links or misspelled words. 

There are also a handful of things that can go very, very wrong during a website launch. Missing out on a bunch of new leads because you forgot to test an important data capture form is one of them. What’s worse is if you did not properly set up your site redirection and users just get a page not found message. 

This is where web developers can provide a lot of help. A web design agency in New York can provide you with the needed support. They can come up with a robust website that can pull the crowd. 

Let us provide you with some tips and tricks that you can apply when launching a new website. By the end of this article, you will understand how to launch a new website. 

What To Consider When Launching Your New Website 

The launch of a website for your business is an exciting event for you and your target audience. It is important enough that the company should devote significant time and resources to it. Whether the website is new or a revamp, it requires a precise promotional strategy. 

A website launching announcement should generate excitement and curiosity for becoming successful. Knowing this, there are a lot of things that need to be checked.

1. Plan Your Announcement Carefully

Plan Your Announcement

Plan your announcement campaign carefully. Build what you want to say and include the best methods for delivering it. 

Your goal is to build excitement and anticipation from your customers. You should be able to do this without giving out too much information. If you were able to build intrigue, then you would surely have success on your launch day.

2. Choose A Launch Date

The launch date of your website should be set in advance. You should leave enough room before your launch date for research. You should also leave room for the design and development teams to finish their tasks.

3. Post On Social Media Platforms

The most obvious place to announce your new website launch is through a social media post. Vendors can use all of the businesses’ different social media profiles to create anticipation. 

You can take advantage of social media to build up excitement by posting teasers. You should do this by creating a series of posts. It is advisable to be done three to four weeks before your launch day.

4. Create A Landing Page

Create A Landing Page

You should consider creating a welcome landing page that contains a simple sign-up form. You can also use this to raise awareness of your business’s social media.

5. Create A Press Release

You can generate awareness by taking advantage of local publications and community groups. Get good PR from local journalists by pitching them your new website launch day.  However, you gotta make sure that your pitch is interesting.

6. Build An Email List

You can easily reach your deserving audience when you have a list of their email addresses. This step should be taken as early as possible long before your launch date. Building an email list is hard work but essential to your launch’s success. 

Building your email list can also help you understand your customers. You would be able to know how to best talk with your guest. You will also know how to best tailor your messages to them.

7. Send Out Emails

Send Out Emails

Email marketing is essential when announcing your new website launch. This marketing type won’t cost you any ad spend. You can easily communicate with your mailing list without checking your marketing budget.

You will also most likely reach more people through email marketing. You have more control over who sees your email marketing messages.

8. Have A Clear Announcement Purpose

Do not rush into reaching out to your website design services subscribers. Never send out an impulsive email that will only miss the point of your intended message. Take your time to ensure that you are sending the right message.

9. Send A Test Email Or Announcement Post

Before you send out your actual email announcement, make sure to send a test email first. You can send this to your friends or employees to test what the email would look like. Be sure that the email looks good when viewed through a computer or a phone.

10. Make A Promotional Offer

website Promotion

People usually seek something of value whenever they are planning for a new website launch. You can advertise a special promo or deal to create traffic to your new website. You can advertise this through social media and email and have them directed to your website.

11. Audit Your Website’s SEO

Users should be able to find you when they search your website’s name on Google. It is important to audit your website’s SEO to fix any issues that stop you from ranking.

12. Create A Test Replica Of The Website

This test website can be hosted on a private server. This test website will allow you to check, modify, and optimize the website. This is a good practice before launching the new website.

13. Check Your Websites Functionality

Websites Functionality

You should check your website is functioning properly before the new website launch. Test out all the elements of your website to make sure that everything is working perfectly.

14. Analytics Should Be Enabled

Analytics lets webmasters get insights into where traffic is coming from. They also get an insight into which pages generate the most conversion and on-site user behavior. All this data is important for marketing decisions.

15. Create A Pop-Up On Your Existing Website If You Are Revamping It

You are spilling the beans by creating a pop up alert. This will tell people that something is up, and they will start to anticipate it. This will keep the users engaged and invested in your website. 

Doing this can also help you create some buzz for your new website. But, Remember to keep your pop up entertaining to keep people engaged. Make sure that the message in the pop up is short, clear, and fits your brand.

Without taking these actions, the website’s launch will have no impact. It will also not receive any visitors who are interested in your service. 


Launching a new or revamped website is both exciting and tiring at the same time. You’ll be able to launch your website successfully by following the mentioned advice. 

It is an essential step for a business to new website launch. Good preparation and support are needed for the launch’s success. From building an email list to enabling analytics, the company would have to reserve a large amount of time and resources.

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