First Steps To Begin With Email Marketing And Boost Your Store Revenue

by Marketing 21 May 2021

Begin With Email Marketing And Boost Your Store Revenue

If you’ve recently decided to create an eCommerce store during this pandemic in order to increase your sales and keep your business in float keep reading cause we’ll be talking about a big power tool that keeps growing despite all ods and it has even become a more powerful tool for advertisers than ever before; all of this with budgets that are still minimal in comparison to other channels.

You might want to involve an Ecommerce Email Marketing Agency in the equation at some point but in the meantime, we’ll discuss some of the first steps you’ll need to take to begin this journey.

Email, as an old-school marketing channel that has evolved with the times and that, has still the power to drive awareness, conversion, and retention, will help you and your company achieve your goals but before you get started do your research and take it to step by step. Here are some of what we consider to be the first main steps to get you started::

1- Start collecting data:

The first thing to do (in case you don’t have it yet) is to create a signup form and start collecting data from your website visitors. Remember that all those who land in your store organically or by paid media are already interested in you, otherwise, they wouldn’t be there.

So, if you offer them something that interests them in exchange for their information: Name and email (at the very least) you now have a database of potential customers that you’ll be able to send any communication you wish. There are lots of options when it comes to grow an email list it’d all depend on your margins, strategy, and nature of your business.

2- Create automated emails also known as flows:

The next thing to do would be to create the first basic flows that would be triggered automatically depending on the subscriber’s actions. Some of these main flows: Welcome Flow, Added to Cart Flow, Post Purchase Flow, Cart Abandonment Flow, Browse Abandonment Flow.

For a start these are the main and most important automated series emails you can set up and that would help you for sure to increase your revenue without a lot of effort and time.ñ

3- Plan regular Newsletter Campaigns:

Just as important as creating the first automated emails would be to create regular Newsletter Campaigns to keep your audience engaged. Pretty similar to Social Media where you’ll need to come up with a content calendar to plan your content strategy.

One of the most Effective Ways To Communicate With Your Target Audience is the regular Newsletters, this way, you’ll keep your list engaged, hooked, and receptive. Remember to send valuable content aligned with your product/service and your customer avatar.

4- Send occasional promo emails:

Pretty similar to the previous point, send occasional offer emails to boost your store revenue. These emails should be occasional, otherwise, you’ll be spoiling your list and they’ll be always expecting offers from you in order to purchase.

Occasional offer emails might occur on special dates such as Christmas Sales, Easter, Memorial Day, Mothers Day, 4th of July, Black Friday, and more. Also, you can send special offer emails on specific important dates for the brand like store anniversary, product launch, back in stock & specific important days related to your product/niche i.e. Internationa workout day.

5- Measure: Data, data & more data!

Last but not least, don’t forget to measure and analyze all your results, this way you’ll be able to optimize your email strategy and increase your income. There are lots of ways to analyze insightful data and one of the most common ways in email marketing would be AB Testing: subject lines, offers, time of sending, CTAs, and more.

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