Top 5 Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Should Have A Website

by Real Estate 20 September 2022

Real Estate Agents

In the digital age, real estate agents who don’t have websites seem stuck in the past, and those with real estate websites seem to be leaders in their industry.

A real estate website provides online visibility to potential clients. It is an easy-to-manage lead generation machine that lets you pull in interested buyers and sellers with little effort.

Checkout Five Prime Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Should Have A Website:

Here are a few reasons why every real estate agent should have a website.

1) Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most cost-effective ways to get your real estate listings in front of potential clients.

With a professionally designed website and continual tweaks to your site’s metadata, you can rank highly on Google, which means more leads and higher conversion rates.

Plus, unlike other forms of marketing such as print advertising or billboards, with SEO, you don’t have to pay anything upfront; it pays for itself when people actually click through and contact you directly.

As a bonus, having a blog gives you a chance to grow your authority in your niche while helping prospects learn about the process of buying or selling property.

Whether they’re looking for general advice on how to prepare their home for sale or guidance on deciding between competing offers, providing value on your blog will help them see you as an expert worth hiring and keep them coming back.

Finally, many agents like being able to easily update their real estate websites without needing help from designers. Tons of sites offer drag-and-drop design templates where you only need to type in text boxes with relevant information and fill out the specifics later if needed.

2) Control The Message

Control the message, and it will control the search. You need a website if you want to show up on Google. Websites are inexpensive to get your message out there and connect with people who might not otherwise be aware of your existence.

The more people know about you, the more likely they will hire you. Real estate websites also help potential clients learn about what you do for them before ever speaking to or meeting you.

Websites can also act as a portfolio for your work so that clients have everything at their fingertips from start to finish.

For example, if someone is looking for a new home and wants to find the progress on their property over time because they’ve moved too many times already, they’ll find photos and videos on their agent’s website showing just how much work was done on their house each day.

They can see where their house started and the finished product and watch a video of their backyard transforming into the landscaped garden they always wanted.

They can click through those photos one by one, seeing every change along the way. And if they like what they see? They can go right to contact information to call and set up an appointment.

3) Attract Clients Online

potential property buyers

It’s easier for potential buyers to find you with a website. In this digital world, potential buyers are constantly online, so the internet is the place to go when you want to be found. The power of search engines means that your potential buyer could be only one click away from you.

Your personal information is always up-to-date. This can be a huge bonus if your picture or contact information changes because all those changes are easily made on your website instead of having to call, email, or write paper updates to every person who uses it.

Consumers prefer websites over brochures and newspaper ads. Today’s consumers don’t often take time to browse through advertisements; even if they do, it may not be in the same location as their future home.

4) Back Up An Agent’s Offline Marketing Efforts

Most agents know that their phone is their best form of marketing in the current age. Most don’t know that this form of marketing can be amplified through a website.

An agent’s website does three important things for a business:

  • It shows prospective clients what you’re about
  • It demonstrates your expertise to clients
  • It gives the customer an easier way to reach out if they have questions

Without this information on a customer’s first visit, they have no choice but to go home and do more research – where they might come across competitors who are just as good or better at matching needs than you.

Not only does a website help an agent backup offline marketing efforts, but it also fills in any gaps left by other marketing means. Not many people want to talk on the phone anymore, and some people will never call unless there is something specific they need. With a site, visitors will find everything they need without asking or calling, which leaves less work for the real estate agent.

5) Increase Leads

Increase Leads

Real estate agents also need a website for other reasons. Most importantly, a website provides credibility and showcases the agent’s qualifications. The better the agent looks, the more people are likely to call them.

It’s easier to refer someone to a good-looking site than it is to send over an email or phone number that’s been stored in their contact list for years. Websites can also help with branding and public relations, which are necessary for growing any business.

A professional website will make it easier for real estate agents to share content with current clients and prospects. One way realtors can do this is by creating a blog about home buying or selling topics as well as local neighborhoods.

With all the traffic generated from these kinds of posts, the agency should be able to start building up its social media following on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc., to keep customers engaged throughout the entire process – from when they start searching for homes through closing day.


Real estate websites can be a valuable asset for agents, providing many benefits for which the internet is famous. Not only does having a website make it easier to promote your real estate services on the web and off of it, but if you sell or rent properties, too, there are great benefits to marketing and advertising them online.

However, as with any new thing in life, setting up a real estate website is not always easy, and you may need help from your web designer or other professional.

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