How To Use Link-Building For Business Website Promotion

by Marketing Published on: 28 June 2022 Last Updated on: 29 June 2022


How do you get better results in promoting a business website in a short time?

The best strategy in 2021 is to use tiered link building, which is excellent for promoting sites when you need to get a link from a trusted website.

In this article, you’ll learn how to get additional relevant link weights that allow you to climb several positions higher on the first page of the rankings.

Here is a simple example: you add a link to your site on Wikipedia. However, not even a couple of days pass, and the moderators delete it. In that case, you can keep trying to knock on closed doors.

Otherwise, you can first link to a well-known site page, for example, your blog post on Medium or YouTube. The main thing is to ensure that the content you link to on Wikipedia has a link to your site.

As a result of this simple manipulation, you are likely to get traffic from Wikipedia to your business website. This strategy is excellent for promoting sites when you need to get a link from a carefully moderated site. Then, all you need to do is add links to your content posted on reliable sites.

Interestingly, as pages with these materials get more substantial, the position of the promoted site they are linking will also grow in Google rankings.

Suppose you still have questions about what other link-building methods or tactics are relevant in 2022 for effective business website promotion. In that case, you can use the local link-building service and click this link. In the meantime, we move on to Tier 2 and Tier 3 links.

In tiered link building, everything is simple: the first level of link nesting leads to your site, the second level leads to a Tier 1 link page, and the third level leads to Tier 2 links. Sometimes there’s even Tier 4, mainly for black SEO methods.

Here you learn how to get Tier 2 and Tier 3 to promote your business website.


  1. Social Networks
  2. Crowd-Marketing
  3. Guest Posts

1. Social Networks

Since Google responds well to social signals, social media posts are a great way to promote pages with Tier 1 links.

You can publish them not only from your accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms but also from promoted influencers’ pages for a fee.

Social Networks

Of course, the more outreach you get immediately after publishing your content, the better. And if you are interested in more in-depth link-building strategies for SEO and tips on optimizing your product pages for more sales, you can refer to a good backlink service.

2. Crowd-Marketing

In most cases, pages on all sorts of “questionnaires” and forums on authoritative sites are much more accessible to promote than your project. Links to such sites are rarely removed, even from carefully moderated websites.

You can create your topic or enter an existing one to get a link. The main thing is not to insert a link too promotional.


Consider that you should present the content to which you are referring to a forum or site with questions and answers as helpful information. Also, don’t use an anchor to include the query on which you are promoting.

It’s better to use either anchorless links or general ones like “in this article,” “here,” etc. If you do it right, such sites can bring more traffic than other methods.

3. Guest Posts

You can use both paid and free guest posts. The latter can be one of the most effective methods of getting Tier 2 links because they require a budget only for content creation, and you won’t have to pay anything for publishing the material on the sites.

If you decide to work with sites that charge for guest posting, be careful since the main thing is not to get on the spammy sites that are constantly making money selling links and publishing other people’s articles.

You’re not likely to get much benefit from them. Instead, the probability of getting under the search engine filters is quite natural in such a way.

Guest Posts

To calculate such sites, check whether they have no price lists with costs for the publication of guest posts and placing links in existing articles, as well as content on questionable topics (adult, casino). If you want to learn more about valuable ideas to avoid Google penalties and natural link building, you can use

Also, we should mention that when selecting a donor, it is better to consider as many parameters as possible: trust, spam, number of links, number of referring domains, and organic share of traffic. For example, if the difference between the number of links and referring domains of a donor is too big, it is better not to place a guest post on it.

Thus, you can kill two birds with one stone, adding a link to your business site and one or two to the Tier 1 page. This method is perfect if you want to build links to your website. However, if you decide to use it, keep in mind that the links placed in the post should not end up promoting the same page on your site.


If you want to get qualitative links to your site, then tiered link-building is not a quick process. However, it brings the first results within one month after the indexing of links. In some cases, a significant increase in traffic begins a few days after adding links to the index Google, and traffic will continue to increase daily.


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