How Can Corporate SEO Experts Do A Full Audit Of Your Website?

by Marketing Published on: 28 October 2022 Last Updated on: 13 June 2023

Corporate SEO Experts

Digital marketing has become the primary tool to put your business ahead of the competition. The success and reward of all your efforts can be directly influenced by the measures you take toward being on the first page of the search engine.

The services of corporate SEO experts can help you get your website to where you know it deserves to be. But the best corporate SEO services in Australia wouldn’t be complete without a full audit of your website. What does this mean, and what exactly does it consist of? In the following article, we’ll find out together.

What Is A Full Audit Completed By Corporate SEO Services Australia?

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An SEO audit is a process of verifying a client’s website, in which both the editorial and technical aspects that can influence its ranking in search engines will be analyzed. An audit typically lasts several weeks, and at the end of it, the client, together with the corporate SEO experts, can decide what approach to adopt in order to attract an influx of visitors.

The client’s obligation at this stage is to establish from the outset what kind of budget they wish to allocate for the SEO services offered by the company. In turn, the professional SEO company has to present the client with a realistic forecast of the growth and profit they can expect in the coming months.

The main tools that will be implemented by companies dealing with corporate SEO services in Australia will be the ones dealing with keyword analysis of the client’s business domain.

And this can be done with a suite of SEO programs, including Semrush, QuestionDB, Jaaxy, RankMath, or Google SERP Snipper Optimizer Tool. And to simplify the process a bit, we can say that an SEO audit is usually divided into two stages. On-Site Analysis and Off-Site Analysis.

What Does An On-Site Audit Consist Of?

When we talk about On-site SEO, we are talking about analyzing elements already on your website over which you have direct control.

During an on-site SEO audit, you can discover growth factors such as the incidence of keywords in pages already indexed on the search engine, you can analyze the technical architecture of the site and verify the loading speed of pages and functionality on mobile devices, check the incidence of internal links to other pages on the site, and you can archive or modify the images used in articles.

On-site SEO primarily refers to elements that can be influenced and resolved directly by the user. Some parts can be easily fixed, and here we can include the implementation of AMPs or links to the social media pages of the site owner.

But other elements, such as implementing data from Google Analytics, rewriting code for better functionality, or looking for errors caused by redirecting users to pages that don’t exist, may require more time and resources than initially planned. And a complete analysis of these issues should be presented to you by the corporate SEO experts you choose to work with.

What is important to remember is that when we talk about website analysis and optimization following the algorithmic policies of search engines, we are referring to Google because it monopolizes over 90% of the entire global market.

Most companies dealing with Corporate SEO services in Australia focus on the optimization obtained from the analytical data obtained through them. There are indeed companies that deal with SEO optimization for Yahoo or Yandex, but they are scarcer, and their services are generally targeted at people working in narrow niches.

What Does The Off-Site Audit Consist of?

Off-site SEO instead refers to those actions that can be taken outside your website but which have a direct impact on your search engine ranking. In essence, an SEO audit refers to how your website is seen from the outside without the intervention of an administrator.

For example, off-site SEO can be managing your social media pages and using a blog to attract backlinks to the content available on your site. It’s a diverse field where originality and inventiveness go a long way.

During the Off-site audit process, the corporate SEO experts will look for elements such as the existence of competitors in your field of activity, and they will identify the backlinks they benefit from using tools such as Ahrefs Backlink Checker.

They will also pinpoint the number of backlinks you benefit from that is Dofollow links, do a complete analysis of the anchor links you have used so far in the texts written on your site, and see the percentage of people who came to your website from specific domains.

How To Make Your Website Profitable

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First and foremost, to be profitable, you need to have a consistent influx of users viewing your content, and to have this influx of users, the main goal of any company dealing with corporate SEO services in Australia should be to place your site in the top five search results in Google, as they capture over 65% of all visits.

But traffic is useless if it doesn’t result in people trying your services. For example, it’s no use having a thousand daily visitors to your artisanal sweets website if the number of orders remains the same as before SEO optimization.

What you need to do is attract those users that search for keywords related to your field of activity. You will also need to get backlinks from specialized sites in the field you operate in, which will send an influx of visitors who have the potential to purchase some of the products you sell.

The Ultimate Goal of SEO

Ultimately what matters the most to you and your business is that you benefit from a positive ROI at the end of the optimization process. Changes in the analytics of a positive SEO strategy can take up to 6 months to appear, but once they do, they will need constant maintenance and relevant keyword analysis. Keep in mind that SEO is a process that analyzes present trends, and if we know anything about them, it’s how they love to change.

The professional services of corporate SEO experts can significantly increase the monthly visitor rate of your website, but this is not necessarily the ultimate goal.

What matters is that these visitors interact with your content and increase your profits, and here an intelligent strategy from a company that specializes in corporate SEO services in Australia can prove crucial.

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