Delivery Revolution: Exploring The Mechanics And Functionality Of Smart Parcel Lockers

by Technology 31 January 2024

Functionality Of Smart Parcel Lockers

Before explaining how Parcel Locker works, you need to understand what this word is called. We are talking about automated mailboxes that can be used to deliver goods, correspondence, and food and do not require maintenance personnel. Such boxes are networked, and their complexes are installed in many cities, both on the streets and indoors.

What Is A Parcel Locker?

The parcel locker box is one kind of lockable storage, where one cal leaves the package box and then stores it for collection by the mail carrier. They are left for the main career or the delivery company residents. A parcel locker is quite a safe and secure delivery system. They are attached to the cluster mailboxes, either on the side or underneath. The mailboxes may contain one of two parcel lockers. They are a dire need depending on the size and other requirements of the business. 

The Functioning Of The Parcel  Locker?

The parcel locker facilitates effective delivery of the packages. The delivery personnel no longer have multiple delivery attempts. What you have to do is the pick-ups and the deliveries. It can be made at any time. The packages are stored secretly in the parcel locker. Any person who has the authorization can open it, which is one of the core advantages that you have with these lockers. We mean only the delivery person and the recipient of the parcel can benefit from the system. 


There is a basic difference between the traditional parcels and these electronically managed counterparts. The former requires a key. You can say it requires the most unique master code to access the locker. But with the help of the electronic parcel lockers, the parties can use the keypad, QR code, or say the barcode scanner. The delivery person generally enters a unique code only for the customers to access it. 


The USPS mail carrier provides a numbered key for the traditional parcel lockers. They leave it for the recipient. But the mechanism with the smart parcels is different. For the electronic parcel locker, the recipient gets the notification by text, application, and even email. Wherever there is a package delivery, a code is created and sent to the customer. After that, they send the code to the receiver. Finally, the retriever gets the parcel with the help of the code. 

Why Businesses Must Have The Parcel Lockers

Traditional locker systems have limitations, which is why people, especially the business community, look at the longer term. There are some of the core advantages that you have with smart lockers.

Firstly, there is a security issue attached to the lockers. The deliveries are more secure with the parcel lockers. Whether the parcel locker involves the traditional key, there is a possibility of parcel theft. But the moderate approach is far safer and more secure.

Because there is a benefit of the parcel lockers in dropping and picking up parcels, the locker companies offer security services to the end users of these services. 

How Does A Person Interact With Parcel Locker?

The operating principle of self-service lockers is based on automating the processes of sending and receiving mail. Here is the general principle of operation of these devices:

Registration And Identification

The user registers in the Parcel Locker system by providing the required information such as email address and mobile phone number. Some boxes may use various identification methods, such as scanning a QR code, entering a PIN code, or using biometrics.

Creating A Mailing

The user packs the mail items and follows the instructions to create the main item on the Parcel Locker terminal. Typically, you need to fill out information about the recipient and pay for services.

  1. Assigning A Unique Code

The Parcel Locker system generates a unique code that is associated with the user’s specific mail item.

Placing A Parcel In A Self-Service Locker

The user places the packaged postal item in a Parcel Locker cell that matches the size of the item. The cell door closes, and the sending process is completed.

User Notice

After the process is completed, the cell sends a notification to the user with a unique code that is needed to receive the package.

Receiving Mail

The recipient comes to Parcel Locker and enters a unique code or uses other identification methods. The system recognizes the code and opens the corresponding cell where the postal item is located.

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Storage And Terms

Parcel Locker provides a specific period for receiving a postal item. If the recipient does not pick up the shipment on time, it may be returned to the sender or redirected to another location.

Notification System

The recipient can receive notifications about the status of their shipment, such as when it has been sent, or delivered to Parcel Locker, or when a certain amount of time has passed since it was sent.

This operating principle may vary depending on the specific model and vendor.Smart Parcel Lockers. The convenience of this delivery method is obvious – the recipient can pick up the shipment at any time without worrying about its safety. After all, self-service lockers are equipped with electronic anti-burglary locks and CCTV cameras.

Will Parcel Lockers Revolutionise The Shipping Industry?

They’ve already done it! After all, now to receive a parcel or correspondence you do not need to negotiate with the courier rush to the post office, or stand in line. The likelihood of human error is reduced to zero – this not only makes mistakes impossible but also reduces delivery costs!


If you’re an e-commerce business looking for ways to optimize last-mile delivery, this technology is worth a look. You can integrate into an existing Parcel Lockers network or create your own. This requires some investment at first but pays for itself quite quickly.

Choose a proven contractor for ready-made Parcel Lockers solutions, negotiate the terms of cooperation, and you can make plans to scale your business. After all, an extensive network of electronic mail lockers will make it possible to reach those customers who were previously out of reach or to whom delivery was too difficult.

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