Advantages Of A Professional Employer Organization

by Business 11 July 2023

Professional Employer Organization

As a small or midsized business owner, managing your business needs can be a challenge simply due to economies of scale and available resources. With limited resources, you’ll want to focus on growing and building your company to increase earnings and your overall place in the wider market. However, you still need various services to properly manage your company. Any company that has employees needs an HR department and this is not something you can avoid. Luckily, you can employ the services of a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) to help manage various HR needs leaving you free to focus on more important concerns.

PEOs And What They Do: Seven Areas

A PEO is a company that provides HR solutions and support to midsized and smaller businesses. They typically work with companies that are too small to manage their own HR department or lack access to various benefits they want to provide to employees. Some of the most common roles undertaken by a PEO include the following.

HR Support:

PEOs in general offer various important HR services, such as helping staff your company and recruit new employees. They also help all existing employees by providing employee benefits, retirement plans, and workers’ compensation. Depending on your specific needs, you may want a PEO to handle one or all of these tasks.

Tax Services:

Tax Services

corporate taxes have to meet local laws and filing requirements. What laws you have to meet can vary depending on the scope of your business and the industry you work in. A PEO can assist with filing your corporate taxes and all employee tax returns.

Payroll Services:

another area where a PEO can assist is in managing payroll for your employees. A PEO can manage common payroll tasks such as pay periods, and how payments are made to employees. Also, a PEO ensures your company is meeting all federal and local employment laws.


setting up a benefits program for your employees can be a complex process, especially if you own a smaller business. A PEO can help match your company to a suitable insurance provider and help structure a benefits program with various items your employees expect, such as paid time off, sick leave, paternity leave, and healthcare benefits. Then healthcare packages and insurance benefits offered by PEOs are often those a smaller company would not be able to offer.

PEOs can also help with common legal issues that employees and employers encounter. Typically, among these are issues with worker compensation laws. A PEO can also assist with legal representation and proper adherence to local labor laws as it relates to your business’s daily activity.

International Hires:

many companies can benefit by hiring international employees to provide unique skills and services. A PEO can help manage the sometimes complex paperwork that can occur with international hires, including visas and immigration law. This allows you to have access to the top talent in your industry from around the world.

Research Assistance:

some PEOs can also help in the areas of market analysis and assist your business in its overall goals and growth. PEOs often have research related to specific market trends and competitors that are relevant to your business and its industry. This is useful if you own a smaller business that lacks such resources or specific departments.

Final Thoughts

HR is an important part of every successful business and handles a lot of the behind-the-scenes paperwork that allows a business to function in the first place. A skilled HR department helps your employees get paid, get the benefits they deserve, make sure taxes are filed, helps in hiring, and a lot more. With the assistance of a Professional Employer Organization, you can have an HR department you can trust to provide quality and professional results.

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