Top 10 Business Name Generators Based on Customer Reviews

by Business Published on: 07 March 2022 Last Updated on: 30 December 2023

Business Name Generators

A business or brand name is the first thing that consumers see. It is also the thing that consumers will either remember or not, about your business. It is also widely accepted that a bad business name can hold you and your business back from success.

As a result, your business name is something that requires a lot of thought, before you can even begin setting up. But, how exactly do you come up with the right name for your business?

There are many resources available online that offer advice on formulating your business name, but you need to decipher which advice is right for you and your business.

Whilst just receiving advice can be helpful, it might be an even better idea to access Business Name Generators, which are crafted to conceive a business name that is tailored to your business idea, your region, and your unique selling points.

Business Name Generators utilize AI to combine all the important aspects of your business, to create a dynamic business name that will enhance your business’ success. Below is a list of the top 10 Business Name Generators based on customer reviews:

Top 10 Business Name Generators

Top 10 Business Name Generators

1. TRUiC Business Name Generator

Highly customizable and unique, TRUiC’s Business Name Generator is on top. All you need to do is input a keyword, or search by industry or location, and thousands of options will be at your disposal.

From there, you can either choose a few options to come back to, or you can purchase the domain name. TRUiC also offers the exclusive option of using their logo maker tool. Here, you can download a free logo that has been designed by TRUiC’s in-house professionals.

You can visit this resource for more information on TRUiC’s Business Name Generator.

2. Namelix

Namelix is a versatile platform that offers a host of naming options and logo design combinations, depending on your decided price range. Namelix differs from TRUiC’s Business Name Generator, in that it does not offer search by industry or location. In this advanced business name generator using AI, its artificial intelligence leverages keywords, name length, and name style to generate thousands of name options.

Namelix also offers branding and logo designs, alongside their suggested names. Once you have decided on your desired combination, you can purchase and download your logo off the website, based on different price categories. You can also purchase your domain name, however, the prices of these domains tend to be more expensive than that of TRUiC.

3. Business Name Generator (BNG)

Alongside TRUiC, Business Name Generator is one of the most successful options in its field. It is incredibly user-friendly and has a variety of filters to organize your name search. You can filter by keywords, as well as by industry, and name style. BNG consistently creates new industry filters and highlights trending options. You can even adjust the name length and tone of your business name.

Unlike TRUiC and Namelix, BNG only offers logo designs for those that pay for premium business names. However, these logos have been designed by experts, so they may well be worth their price.

4. Shopify


Shopify has one of the more basic business name generators. Unlike some of the other options, Shopify does not offer a wide variety of customization tools or filters. You can make use of the search tool to describe your brand in a keyword, or you can go through a list of auto-generated names for your specific industry. Similarly, you can also download your domain name at a fee.

Shopify, although helpful if you are at a loss for your business name, does not offer a lot of the key aspects that make some of the other business name generators so successful. You will need to devote some time to peruse through the hundreds of auto-generated names, and you will also have to use third-party tools to ensure that your chosen name is not taken already.

5. Novanym

Like Shopify, Novanym has fewer options for customization. However, it is easy to use and provides thousands of business names. You can search by keyword, business type/industry, and name style. Novanym also provides logo options alongside the name suggestions.

Novanym is not as affordable as TRUiC, and offers very few names and domains at a low price point. This is something to keep in mind when choosing Novanym as your business name generator of choice.

6. Naming.Net

Naming.Net also offers fewer tools for customization. Though, it does offer search by keyword, name style, number of syllables, and what website type you would like the name to reflect. Interestingly, Naming.Net also offers customization of the number of names per page. This aspect could prove to be useful, as you can limit the number of names you will have to sift through. You can also add names to a ‘favorites’ list, for easy access to your preferred names.

7. Oberlo

Oberlo and Shopify are similar, as a result of their one keyword, search function. You will receive pages of name options, and it is up to you to sift through them. In addition to this, you will also have to personally ensure that your chosen name is neither taken already nor used as an existing domain name.

8. Squadhelp

If you have a larger budget allocated to your business name and brand, you may want to consider Squadhelp. This option has many customizable tools and filters, and even offers a virtual quiz to better understand your brand. Like TRUiC, Squadhelp provides name and logo combinations. The logo designs are crafted by experts and are of high quality.

9. Anadea Business Name Generator

Anadea’s Business Name Generator is the most simple out of the bunch. You can only search by keyword. It provides hundreds of pages of name options, but it is up to you to go through them, and ensure that they are not taken, or that a domain name is not already registered for that name.

10. NameStation


Like Anadea, you can only search by keyword on NameStation. A nice feature, although, is their ‘hold a contest’ option. With this tool, you can ask the community to nominate and vote for your business name.

Final Thoughts

A business name is vital to your brand, and the future success of your business. You need a name that is catchy, and reflective of your business type and industry. Business name generators are a great tool to aid you in the process of formulating a name. They are also very helpful in choosing a logo, as well as obtaining a domain name. Some business name generators, like TRUiC’s, offer a wide variety of customizations and combinations, whilst others offer a very basic search tool. It is up to you to decide which option will provide your business with the best service, based on your needs, budget, and time.

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