Search Engine Optimization: Varieties of Link Building Strategies

by Marketing Published on: 21 January 2022 Last Updated on: 24 January 2022

Search Engine Optimization

Whatever services or products you want to advertise to your online audience, the chances are, lots of people try to do that too. The trick is how to get onto the search engine results page, to be on top of the list. But that is not enough. You can use various strategies to win the race, but your content should still be interesting to read.

This article describes the most common and effective ways to achieve these goals, like becoming active on social forums, applying for a private blog network service and optimising your online content. Our purpose is to help you boost your popularity on the internet and increase the traffic of readers and potential customers to whatever it is that you want to promote online.

Backlinks and SEO

Backlinks and SEO

When a user enters search keywords, the engine eliminates spam and then selects the most relevant and popular content to show it on the first page of search results. The main criterion for assessing your content’s popularity is to count the backlinks, which is the number of times other users have visited your page.

a. Social Forums

The most straightforward strategy for building your backlinks is to master various marketing techniques and advertise yourself on the internet to boost your popularity and generate your clientele base. One effective way to do that is to promote your content on social forums.

Search engines find forum backlinks especially significant. People visit forums to search for information and services and discuss them with other members. Frequent visits to your page from social networks indicates to search engines that your content is relevant indeed. The question is, how can you build lots of these links in a relatively short time?

First, you should study your target audience on a social forum you have selected to establish which content will be relevant to them. It also happens to be a very effective way to improve your content and make its presentation more attractive for your potential customers. After all, that is your ultimate goal and your reason for building the backlinks in the first place.

You should also acquire links from actual active users and make sure they do not have a no-follow prefix attached to them. There are plenty of software tools to help you determine the link’s prefix, which you can find on the internet and use for free.

b. PBNs

The biggest drawback of self-promotion strategies is that you have to wait a long time before you generate a large enough number of backlinks. Fortunately, there are some ways to speed up the process, creating a private blog network being one of them. The PBN refers to a network of domains, most commonly expired ones, which link to your site, boosting your popularity artificially that way.

Your popularity thus achieved is fake, of course, intended merely for SEO purposes, and it should not be your sole strategy for that reason. Otherwise, you might end up on the first page and still have no clients or audience. But if you exert some effort to make your content relevant and attractive, a PBN can help you advertise your page more efficiently.

You can build your own PBN or find a high authority blog post to do the job for you. If you choose to do it yourself, make sure to use different IP addresses for each blog. Also, the blogs in your network should not refer to your site exclusively. Otherwise, the game will become too obvious very quickly, and once the search engine or your target audience discovers the fake, your PBN will become useless, and your site will lose reputation too.

Content Optimisation

Content Optimisation

Still, no link building strategy will be of any use if your content is irrelevant or ill-composed. Yours will not be the only site on the first page, and your potential audience will prefer your competitors. Besides, the search engine will quickly detect that users only spend a few seconds on your site, and you are bound to disappear from the first page sooner or later.

You can improve your presentation considerably by:

  • Analysing its semantic content, like the keyword and stopword density
  • Customising the fonts and icons
  • Keeping it simple and including many visual components
  • Using multiple format components, like lists and charts
  • Including a navigation bar and a table of contents to make it easier to move around your site


Your content should be relevant, popular, and well-written for you to stay on the first page and for your online enterprise to succeed. You will increase your chances considerably by conducting a thorough semantic analysis of your content, upgrading its presentation formats, and becoming active on social networks.

Plus, you can create private blog networks or even purchase lots of backlinks to build your popularity quicker. And you will find plenty of services on the internet to help you with all these tasks free of charge.

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