Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools To Help Grow Your Remote Business

by Marketing Published on: 29 October 2021 Last Updated on: 10 January 2022

Digital Marketing Tools

The year 2020 marked a wave of unpredictability that led to the implementation of multiple new digital marketing strategies.

As startups and businesses struggled to remain open against all odds, remote working models became widely acceptable. However, the transition to remote working does not have to come at a cost of decreased productivity.

In fact, a strong stack of tech tools can improve your time allocation and task completion rates drastically. The right combination of tools can handle the organizational heavy lifting while you are free to concentrate on the innovation part of your work.

Top 9 Digital Marketing Tools to grow your remote business

Here we have curated a list of nine tools that are leading the digital marketing niche. Using these tools will help you automate the work process. It will give you a more transparent collaborative platform.

As a result, you can move ahead with your marketing strategy with more confidence.

Even while working with a remote team, this stack of tools will help you organize your strategy and measure the success of your campaigns in real-time.

So let us dive right in!

1. Attest

Attest is an intuitive consumer profiling tool. The tool can help you identify the changing personas and preferences of your target consumer. The comprehensive insights into the competitor as well as customer research can be the biggest boost to your business decisions.

Attest literally de-risks your marketing campaigns by letting you understand in-depth about the target consumer even while the product is still in the development and testing phase. This gives you a vast scope to further come up with new ideas and change the direction for features that do not seem to be compatible with the changing consumer persona.


Here are a few advantages of using the Attest consumer-profiling tool.

  1. Measure your brand metrics in terms of its health and awareness according to the real-time performance of your marketing campaign
  2. Three-layered data quality control invokes more trust in the results you get from the attest reports
  3. Data visualization gives more clarity and makes it easy to incorporate it into project presentations


You can get started for free at an individual or a small team level. The Professional plan is priced at $2k per month while the Enterprise plan is meant for larger organizations and the pricing is available at request.

2. Trello

Trello is a content management platform that can help you consolidate your entire team in one place for instant collaboration. You can directly strategize your campaign and brainstorm for content ideas with your entire team with complete transparency. It has become one of the most preferred tools for digital marketers managing remote teams.


Here is a list of benefits that makes Trello a favorite with the marketers:

  1. Create cards and include commotion lists, strategies, and notes within the card topic for each campaign.
  2. Assign tasks and deadlines to specific team members under the campaign cards.
  3. Improves remote working experience by giving immediate access to the available tasks and real-time updates on the project development from within a single interface.


Trello offers four different pricing plans. The free plan offers unlimited cards for up to zero boards for each workspace. The Standard plan offers unlimited boards and storage up to 250MB for $5 per month. The Premium plan offers dashboard view, unlimited workspace command runs and priority support features at $10 per month.

3. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is an essential tool that helps you work at the core of competitive research, brainstorm ideas for keywords, and rank opportunities. You can do a complete competitor analysis for each search term. It helps you identify the content within the competitor sites that have the highest backlinks as well as trace the sources of these links.


Here is a list of advantages specific to the Ahrefs tool.

  1. Offers features for competitor keyword and backlink analysis
  2. Identify the best content performers amongst the competitor sites, which can help improve your existing content


Ahrefs has four pricing plans. The Lite plan starts at $99 per month while the Standard plan is available at $179 per month. The Advanced plan is available at $399 per month and the Agency plan is available at $999 per month. While both Lite and Standard plan only allow user access.

4. SEMrush

SEMrush is a digital visibility management tool. This tool allows tracking your priority keywords and monitoring their performance in real-time. The keyword overview option within the interface gives you a detailed list of key parameters such as keyword difficulty, ideas, and variations of the key phrase. This tool is unparalleled for identifying content ideas and the search intent of your target audience.


Here are some major advantages of the SEMrush tool.

  1. Provides in-depth insights in tracking your content and performance of your keywords
  2. Allows you to analyze and study any domain’s current backlink profile
  3. Run detail SEO audits on your site
  4. Track keyword ranking in SERPs daily


SEMrush is available in three different pricing plans. The Pro plan is available at $119.95 per month and is available for a limited-time free trial. The Guru plan is available for $229.95 per month. You can also try this plan for a free trial period. The Business plan is priced at $449.95 per month.

4. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is the ultimate platform for your social media management solutions. The tool can help assemble your content calendar and social media marketing assets in one interface. Schedule the publication of your content on different platforms perfectly timed to match the activity peaks of your followers on each platform. The tool can literally arm you with the power to translate your brand’s social presence into tangible results.


Here are the key advantages of the Sprout Social tool.

  1. Makes it easy to collaborate with your customers and increases the transparency of your work process
  2. Get a comprehensive view of all social profile messages and campaign progress through the Smart Inbox
  3. Comes with a full suite of analytics to optimize your social media management efforts.


Sprout Social comes with three pricing plans. The Standard plan is available at $89 per user billed monthly. The Professional plan is available at $149 per user billed monthly and the Advanced plan is available at $249 per user billed monthly. You can request a free trial for each of the plans for a limited period.

6. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

The Google Analytics tool is designed to help marketers gain valuable insights into the campaign performances to make informed decisions regarding marketing challenges. You can track your campaign goals and monitor the changing directions and patterns of traffic on your website. These insights can be tracked in real-time once you install Google analytics on your website.


Here are the key advantages of Google Analytics.

  1. Gain insights that are carefully segmented according to the devices used by your consumers and the products and pages they visit
  2. Customize the dashboard metrics to access streamlined data
  3. Track the pages that are invoicing more customer engagement and real-time traffic behavior on each page
  4. Share the data through multiple reporting options


Google Analytics is a freemium service. The tool is still available free for small businesses and individual marketers without any monthly charges. However, for businesses that need advanced features the Google Analytics Premium plan is available for a flat annual fee of $150,000.

7. Survey Anyplace

The Survey Anyplace tool functions primarily by generating questionnaires to take an in-depth analysis of a marketing campaign. The PDF report is immediately generated once respondents complete the surveys. The reports can be integrated seamlessly with your existing collection of marketing data collection tools. The leads generated through this platform can be transported to the CRM interface to effectively operate within your campaigns for building customer relations.


Here are the key advantages of the Survey Anyplace tool.

  1. Enables custom value calculation to provide a final data screen and PDF reports
  2. Targeted lead generation quiz for in-depth analysis of customer preferences
  3. Can be used as a self-assessment tool within the team
  4. Send coupons with personalized emails after the survey completion


Survey Anyplace comes with four different pricing plans. The Essential plan is priced at $39 per month. The Professional plan is priced at $59 per month. Both these plans are available for a free trial. The Enterprise and ReportR plan prices are only available on request.

8. Hubspot

Hubspot is a marketing automation platform. One of the most preferred CRM by digital marketers, primarily due to its ease of functionality and amazing customer experience. You can find all of the tools you need for an inclusive marketing and content management campaign within the same interface. You can also integrate customer service and sales features to further boost your work process through Hubspot.


Here are the key advantages of the Hubspot interface.

  1. Boosts traffic and converts leads through scalable inbound campaigns
  2. Gives you insights into sales prospects while automating the sales funnel
  3. Encourages delightful customer connections.


Hubspot is available in three pricing plans. The Starter plan starts at $45 per month. The Professional plan is available at $800 per month. The Enterprise plan is priced at $3200 per month.

9. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a powerful social media management solution that has been adapted to an enterprise level. The interface allows the storage of approved data within the cloud. This way your content is accessible to your entire remote team for social media campaigns at individual times. The interface allows scheduling multiple posts and tags development at perfectly timed schedules.


Here are the key advantages of the Hootsuite interface.

  1. Tracks performance of individual social media content through a single interface
  2. Calculates ROI and lead conversions in real-time to give deep market insights
  3. Tracks the public conversations around your posts, brand mentions, and hashtags to create comprehensive reports


Hootsuite offers four pricing plans — the Professional plan is available at $1260 per month. The Team plan is available at $6600 per month and the Business plan is available at $45000 per month. The Enterprise plan’s pricing details are available on request.


Each of these tools is specifically important at different phases of your digital marketing campaign.

You can invest in a combination of these tools to create a content and social media marketing workflow specific to your company.

In the Comments section below, let us know which tool from the above list made it to your list of favorites.

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