5 Incredible Benefits of Ecommerce Link Building

by Ecommerce Published on: 19 October 2020 Last Updated on: 21 October 2020

Ecommerce Link Building

Do you want to boost the online visibility and sales volume of your online store? These are some of the most critical goals in today’s highly-competitive market. Web portals like Google’s search engine are excellent tools since almost 90% of Australia’s population (2020) has Internet access, according to Statista. However, ecommerce link building provides marketing tools that are more cost-effective than traditional web marketing like pay-per-click advertising.

Link Building Basics 

Link Building

The concept of link building is quite simple. It is simply finding other websites that are willing to link back to your own website, which can include an ecommerce store. This is a powerful tool for driving web traffic and boosting online sales.

One of the main factors related to link building is Google Search. Alphabet Inc.’s subsidiary was founded in 1998 and has become the world’s most popular search engine. Backlinks are an effective way to become more visible in the tech giant’s search results pages.

In fact, building links is one of the several methods used for search engine optimization (SEO). They send signals to Google that your website is a high-quality site that should be ranked higher in web and mobile search results. While there are some exceptions, having more backlinks usually results in higher Google rankings.

Here are some of the main benefits of backlinking to online stores:

  • Links from Other Websites

This should be one of the goals of your company’s SEO strategies due to the various benefits. The main plus is you can increase the number of links to your site. The quality of links is also important since Google’s algorithm also weighs this factor.

These issues affect the amount of search traffic your website receives. This increases visibility and interest in your site, which often results in more sales.

Google’s YouTube is the Internet’s most visited website and gets an average of 8.6 billion monthly visitors, according to experts. While those figures are unrealistic for small businesses, the goal should still be to drive more web traffic to your site.

  • Search Engine Indexing

When you have more inbound links to your site, this also speeds up how fast your site will be added to search engine indexes like:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Amazon

Google is the most important one since it has over three-quarters of the global search market share. The process of search engine indexing involves organizing information before a search. This provides ultra-fast responses to online queries.

The process of searching through single web pages for keywords and topics would be a very time-consuming one for search engines.

Today’s search engines, including Google, use a process known as “inverted index.” This makes the process of storing and retrieving data much faster. This basically involves the search engine breaking down queries to figure out the core meaning, then pointing to documents with those ‘text elements.”

  • Key SEO Tool

Backlinking is a valuable SEO tool. The reason is; links from other sites are a thumbs-up that your site is a valuable web resource. This is important due to the web having over 2 billion websites, according to the Hosting Tribunal.

When you conduct link building for your Internet store, this can boost your visibility on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Both the quantity and quality of inbound links can boost search engine rankings.

  • Quality Links

When trying to increase links to your website, you should remember the “quality over quantity” rule. In particular, supplying your visitors with quality content like articles and blogs can result in backlinks from well-established and popular websites.

When quality websites provide quality links back to your website, this shows your website is a quality resource. However, one high-quality link is certainly different from 100 average-quality links, so it is also critical in boosting your website’s number of backlinks.

  • Google-friendly

The California-based company was founded in 1998, and after battling Yahoo has become the world’s largest search engine. In fact, it now processes an average of 3.8 million searches every minute, according to SEOTribunal.

Since its launch, Google has become a game-changer and frequently made changes to its search engine algorithm. This includes unveiling its Penguin algorithm that forever revolutionized the link building process. In particular, it becomes a much more complex process and skill.

It is important to note that boosting backlinks alone does not guarantee that your ecommerce shop will land on Page 1 of Google Search results. However, it is certainly one of the main factors that determine web visibility, which in turn can boost traffic and sales.

You can boost your online store’s Internet presence, including SERPs, through ecommerce link building. This powerful tool can increase the quantity and quality of inbound links to your site. That can then boost your online store’s visibility, credibility, and marketability.

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