How SEO can change your law firms website

by Legal 20 January 2022


What makes search engines choose which results to show when it comes to SEO for solicitors?

It is important to ensure:

  • Your website’s content matters to Google, which explains why it’s relevant for a particular search.
  • You map your website to the wants and needs of your target market.

Your law firm website must give as much help as possible to the searcher so that search engines like Google match their users’ search queries with the most relevant results.

The three key components of successful search engine optimization have been identified by Google and by many SEO experts: relevance, authority, and trust. Search Engine Journal provides a good summary of SEO’s three pillars in this article.

Quality and relevancy of the content are also considered, as is the number of external links the site contains.

When other websites link to you, Google considers their votes of confidence, passing on “Pagerank” which indicates the authority of the linked page.

Relevance is determined by the content. Your website needs to be specifically focused on “personal injury solicitors” in order to rank well for those search terms.

In order to be of value to visitors, your landing page should include the following;

  • A personal injury lawyer’s job description
  • Their role in helping someone who has suffered a personal injury
  • For this particular field, they provide a wide range of services. Suppose they provide a no-fee service?
  • Content that is engaging or too short or just a bunch of words just for the sake of it?

Your site’s trustworthiness, reputability, and engagement determine its trustworthiness.

If a visitor glances at your law firm website and deems it irrelevant, does he or she immediately return to Google?

Your website is not the only source of trust. Branding is equally important. Are people familiar with your name? Are they mentioning you elsewhere? How engaged are your social media followers and what kind of reviews do you have?

SEO for Law Firms: How to get started

law firms

A law firm’s SEO efforts must be based on a solid strategy. How would you respond to these questions:

  1. How does your SEO strategy contribute to your business objectives?
  2. Are there any prerequisites to getting there? (short term and long term)
  3. Your SEO performance needs to be improved. How much? Your website may be a lot of work if it’s brand new or underperforming.

In order to do SEO well, what resources are needed by Law Firms?


If you are a solicitor, SEO can be a full-time job. Therefore, you need to plan how much time, money, and resources you will be able to devote to the strategy.

To deliver SEO services to solicitors, three key skills are needed.

1. Strategists

A professional who has a track record of delivering search engine optimization should be hired. By identifying which pages need to rank for which keywords, the strategist can pinpoint the tasks needed to reach the goal.

2. Creating content

Can create content that is valuable for your users since he/she has experience working in the legal sector. In addition to improving the visibility of a website in search results, great content also converts website visitors into clients. The purpose of blogging is not just to write words; it’s also to create a great website experience including layout, structure, and videos.

3. Knowledge of SEO techniques

Understand how Google crawls, links, and the quality of links coming into and out of your site, and why your site might not be performing as well as it should from a technical perspective.

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