Five Digital Marketing Tactics For Every Business

by Marketing 24 June 2022

Digital Marketing

The world of digital marketing is constantly changing. For your business to succeed you need to take advantage of the latest digital marketing for companies.

It’s more important than ever to stay up-to-date on these changes within the digital marketing world. Consumers expect the businesses they support to be using the latest marketing tactics and question those who are living in the past.

A well-planned digital marketing strategy typically translated to a well-executed one, and data backs this up. Digital marketers who spend time actively planning their digital marketing programs get nearly 360% more returns than those who don’t.

It’s more important than ever to be able to identify the digital marketing strategies that are disrupting markets and be able to implement them smoothly into your business’s strategy.

With that in mind, here are five disruptive digital marketing tactics that every business should be incorporating into their digital marketing strategy in 2022.

Top Five Digital Marketing Tactics For Every Business:

1. Mobile-First Digital Marketing

Mobile-First Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has been embracing the mobile-first marketing technique since seeing how influential the practice is. While the pandemic surely aided in pushing mobile-first marketing practices, even before it people were spending more time making purchases on mobile devices at a higher rate than ever before.

In 2022, nearly 80% of Instagram users’ shopping habits are influenced by posts on the platform. Since 2020, TikTok has seen a 553% increase in purchases made through sponsored videos on the application.

Basically what all that data means is that if you aren’t leaning into mobile-first marketing, you’re choosing to negatively affect your own business.

You’ll want to ensure your website is updated and functions well on mobile devices. Your social media pages should be fun, friendly, and inviting. You’ll want to add pictures, posts, and information about your business regularly to keep online consumers engaged with your content.

2. Chatbot Digital Marketing

Chatbot marketing tactics have come a long way from the days of AIM. They are sophisticated computer programs that converse and react with your consumers like human beings.

Using a chatbot can help improve your customer service, providing a smooth and technologically advanced experience for your customers. You can program these chatbots to make tasks such as requesting returns or exchanges easy for customers online.

Your chatbots can also gather crucial data for your business, helping dictate how you run things. They can also cut down on labor costs, as they can replace large customer service teams.

Current data shows that nearly 80% of big brands are planning on implementing a chatbot service within the next five years. You’ll want to get on board with the program before you’re left behind.

3. Brand Storytelling


The truth is that people want to buy from companies that they relate to. Ones that have a meaning, a purpose, or at least a heartbeat behind them. There’s a reason why big brands have customer loyalty and recognition, and it’s because they’re great at telling the story of their brand.

You’ll want to embrace this form of marketing to help your business thrive. Tell people about how you got started, and share where you stumbled and where you thrived. Ask for feedback and encourage a space where you and your customers can be fully truthful with each other.

4. Influencer Digital Marketing

Influencer digital marketing is a must. It’s one of the most profitable forms of digital marketing. It makes sense when you take into account that nearly 65% of people in the United States trust the recommendations made by an influencer more than when a brand says something about itself. Influencers are much cheaper to work with than other, more traditional forms of marketing as well.

Influencers typically generate $5.20 with earned media for every dollar spent on their marketing campaign. Considering that nearly half of an influencer’s following base will at least look into making a purchase that the influencer introduces to them, it seems like a waste of money not to try influencer marketing.

5. Automated Digital Marketing

 Automated Digital Marketing

Automated digital marketing can make your life easier and your traffic soar. It’s when you automate basic, repetitive tasks, having digital tools perform the tasks rather than human beings.

It can be used for a vast array of your digital marketing needs, from sending emails to consumers that visit your website to suggesting chatbot pop-up boxes to help customers who may have questions.

The way you decide to automate your marketing tactics can directly influence your bottom line. Think about including coupons, or using the tools to increase your site visitors.

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