Top 3 Mistakes Companies Make When Hiring Sales Professionals

by Human Resources 07 December 2022

Hiring Sales Professionals

When adding new sales professionals to your team, any minor error can result in costly damage control. Hiring the wrong people can be expensive for your company as you must bear costs related to hiring, training, pay, and retention.

Your company’s reputation may also suffer in the process, especially if your new hire makes a mistake that affects your clients.

The key to avoiding common hiring mistakes is learning what they are. Here are some of the top mistakes companies make when hiring sales professionals and tips on how you can avoid them to save your company from dealing with unnecessary costs. 

Not Creating an Ideal Candidate Profile

You need to know what you’re looking for if you want to find the right person to fill the role. Creating an ideal candidate profile will enable you to determine what qualifications and skills you’re looking for in the applicant. This can narrow down your options and help you interview the right people, saving time for you and the applicants.

Candidate Profile

Start creating a candidate profile by listing your company’s expectations from the sales professional. That way, you won’t have to sift through as many applications from unsuitable candidates. Once you’ve outlined all the requirements, create a clear and compelling job description that enables applicants to understand whether or not they’re qualified to apply for the role.

Rushing to Fill the Spot

Speeding up the hiring process may lead to skipping some necessary steps or ignoring red flags in an employee. This can result in a lack of productivity, high staff turnover, and potential damage to your company’s image.

Rushing to Fill the Spot

Rushing to fill the spot may require you to repeat the process as you may have to replace the current hire. Take your time to fill the role, and don’t skip any important hiring steps, including candidate screening, thorough interviews, and reference checks. However, if hiring is urgent, you may want to look into a specialized agency, like sales recruiters, that know exactly what to look for in candidates and also have a network of professionals ready to start.

Only Focusing on Work History

A candidate’s work history is an excellent indicator of their experience and qualifications. However, focusing solely on their work or resume can lead to a bad hire.

Harvard Business Review refers to studies that concluded that experience doesn’t predict a new hire’s success. The studies found no significant correlation between an employee’s prior work experience and performance in a new organization.

One common mistake hiring managers make is assuming that a candidate will succeed at their company if they have worked in a similar role before. Or rejecting a motivated sales professional due to a lack of experience at similar firms. Sometimes, it can be valuable to use your work history and your impression of the candidate based on the interview to make a hiring decision.

Work History

If you aren’t sure how to navigate multiple applications and find top talent, seek help from recruitment agencies that specialize in recruiting top B2B sales professionals. An efficient team of top-tier headhunters in NYC will use their expertise to identify a candidate’s expertise beyond their resume.

A recruitment agency’s primary goal is to match companies with top talent, reduce your company’s workload, and improve employee retention. Working with an experienced staffing agency won’t have to worry about identifying the best candidates. They will simplify the task for you by presenting candidates that are ideal matches for your requirements.

Many companies make common mistakes when hiring sales professionals as they fail to outline their needs, rush to fill the role or lose focus on what an ideal candidate looks like. Familiarizing yourself with common mistakes can help you avoid them the next time you’re looking to fill a vacant position in your company.


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