5 Key Reasons why a Legal Advisor is Essential During a Personal Injury Claim

by Human Resources Published on: 18 January 2019 Last Updated on: 18 March 2020

Accidents are unprecedented and more often than not leave lifetime effects on victims and their loved ones. Most of the times victims are not even aware of the danger until it strikes. In the event an accident is caused by the negligence of another party, victims should receive fair compensation.

There are between 20 to 50 million people who are involved in accidents every year. Most incur a disability. Unfortunately, most people do not know that they should be compensated for medical bills, lost income, disability, and even psychological distress.

Dealing with insurance companies for compensation can be very stressful especially after being involved in an accident. In the event you or any of your loved ones are involved in an accident, it is important to seek a legal advisor specialized in personal injury claim to increase your chances of getting fair compensation. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of engaging a legal advisor to handle your personal injury claim.

5 Key Reasons why a Legal Advisor is Essential During a Personal Injury Claim:

1. Substantiate your claims for compensation:

Compensation can only be accorded if the other party is found culpable of negligence that resulted in your injuries. This is the most important part of validating your compensation claims and thus can be quite cumbersome.

It is very likely in a car accident claim that the other party will try to deny negligence or even shift blame to you. An experienced personal injury attorney is better placed to obtain and assess crucial evidence that can prove your case. This process involves:

  • Reconstructing the accident scene to demonstrate how the accident occurred and who caused it.
  • Acquire accident reports from law enforcement.
  • Consulting your doctors and medical practitioners to determine the extent of your injuries.
  • Locating, interviewing and convincing witnesses to provide written statements or appear in court to testify on your behalf.

2. Ascertain how much your injuries are worth:

Though many people know they should be compensated after accidents, they are not aware of what kinds of compensation they are entitled to and how much they’re actually worth. In turn, they are unable to determine the true value of their claims. This leaves them susceptible to accepting undervalued compensation from insurance companies whose only interest is to pay as little as possible.

A lawyer will not only give you the true picture of the worth of your claims but will also guide you on the type of compensation you deserve. It could be one or more of the following:

  • If the injuries sustained in an accident prevent you from working, you should be compensated for the lost wages. This also includes future wages for the duration you will not be able to work.
  • Depending on the accident, you can also be compensated for pain and suffering. This may be physical, emotional or psychological.
  • All medical bills in relation to the accident should be catered for. Sometimes this may be for life as some injuries may require medical attention for the rest of your life.

3. Deal with the insurance company on your behalf:

Insurance companies have highly trained people on their payroll –insurance adjusters- whose sole job is to deal with insurance cases. Their goal is to minimize the payout as much as possible or even avoid it altogether even if the claims are valid.

It is extremely difficult to negotiate with them and secure a fair settlement. They even try to get you to issue contradicting statements that may invalidate your claim. It is prudent to have a lawyer deal with them on your behalf. In addition, a lawyer can also help you craft a well written or verbal statement to strengthen your case.

4. File a lawsuit for personal injury if need be:

In some instances, negotiations with insurance adjusters do not bear fruit as they are a stubborn lot. An attorney may advise you on your legal options. Among them may be taking the matter to court if necessary, in order to get fair compensation. Your lawyer will handle everything pertaining to the lawsuit. All that may be required from you are appearing in court.

Insurance companies do not like court cases as they can damage their brand and reputation. Filing a lawsuit may put pressure on the insurance adjuster to offer a fair settlement instead of engaging in a court battle.

5. Outline the laws and regulations pertaining to your claim:

If you have ever read an insurance policy, you know how complicated it can be. They outline the contractual obligations of each party. Even if you can read it, there are certain elements that may require the interpretation of a seasoned lawyer.

The ability to decipher the insurance policy and knowledge of the laws and regulations that apply to your accident may enable an attorney to identify clauses of the policy you can use to your advantage.

When to get in touch with a car accident lawyer:

It is always advisable to secure the services of an attorney after an accident some instances may require you to do it with more urgency. In case of the following scenarios contact Foyle legal Perth car accident, law expert:

  • There is an issue regarding who the liable party is
  • You suffered injuries from the accident
  • Your medical records are requested
  • The insurance company offers you a low and unfair settlement

The good thing about personal injury claim is that you can pay for the services of your attorney if the claim is successful when you receive compensation. Accidents can be life-changing moments that may leave you permanently disabled and render you unable to fend for yourself or those who depend on you. You may be surprised at how different the value of compensation can be if different factors are at play including the competency of your attorney. No one foresees an accident; in the event it occurs, you deserve a fair compensation that you may not be able to negotiate on your own.

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