How Much a Slip & Fall Injury Can Potentially Cost You

by Human Resources Published on: 11 December 2019 Last Updated on: 01 November 2021

Christmas is around the corner. There are inches of snow and black ice everywhere. Every day, countless people are slipping and falling and hurting themselves. Sustaining this kind of injury can take an enormous toll on you.

You’re injured, you’re in pain. You had to take time off work to get better, which means you lost money. Add your medical expenses, your pain, your suffering, your patience, the potential trauma, and the costs are just endless.

According to a leading podiatrist brighton, if you are not seeking help from a medical expert for your slip and fall injury, it can lead you towards lifelong disabilities. If you do not want to suffer from any deformities, you need to take help from reputed medical experts that can help you recover from the slip-and-fall accident.

A slip and fall injury can cost, on average, about $30,000-40,000. That’s more than a lot of people’s yearly income. A lot of the adults involved in these tragic accidents are over 60 years old and no longer have that disposable income.

Falls are the most common cause of brain injury, and that makes their non-financial cost hard to gauge. Instead of missing days of work, endless time researching and learning about your case and its potential compensation, look up a lawyer near you.

A lot of these slip and fall accidents happen because of negligence, and most of them can be avoided. Making sure you claim your compensation can help other people avoid going through the same ordeal.

Find Out Whether You Qualify

warning for slip and fall

Depending on where you’ve sustained your slip and fall injury, you may or may not be eligible for a case. If your issue isn’t someone’s negligence, and it was just a stroke of bad luck, then your slip and fall injury can’t be compensated.

Often people spend a lot more money than can afford to lose and then find out that they are not eligible for compensation.

A good lawyer can help you understand what you’re entitled to if anything. Not all slip and fall injuries are equal, and it takes a good and experienced lawyer to know what to do with to solve your case.

The has said that “understanding the full scope of your rights will enable you to make informed decisions throughout your case. There’s a good chance that an experienced law firm would be able to help recover damages on your behalf if you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident.”

Instead of wasting your time, money, and energy looking into your circumstances, on top of countless hours of research in the uphill battle to learn and get past all the law jargon, hire a lawyer to do this work for you.

Medical Bills and Loss of Earning Capacity

The truth of the matter is, about ten percent of slip and fall injuries result in broken bones. The cost includes doctor visits, hospital bills, X-Rays, follow-up appointments, and days off work.

The costs of a slip and fall injury can accumulate and become backbreaking. Forget your savings if you’re the one paying for your recovery. A slip and fall injury isn’t just about the medical and hospital bills.

You may not be able to drive and might have to take taxis or use ride-sharing services. Your earning capacity will go down. Sustaining such an injury can affect your life and make it harder to do the things you enjoy.

These Accidents Are More Common Than You Think

If you work outdoors, your company probably has an insurance policy in place to help them pay compensation. Slip and fall accidents are very common, especially in physical and manual labor jobs.

A lot of these injuries also occur while employees are walking from their car or vehicle to their workplace. This usually happens due to negligence from your employer’s side. If they didn’t clear or salt the parking lot or garage of black ice or use an ice blower to clean up, it makes the whole team much more vulnerable to sustaining these accidents.

Be Careful and Do Your Research

As it’s getting colder, icier and snowier, we encourage you to be very careful when you walk on the streets. Slip and fall injuries can negatively affect your life and cause a real financial strain on you and your family.

Before you walk around carelessly, take a close look on the streets, keep your eyes open for black ice, and wear the right footwear. Make sure to have a happy holiday season, hopefully with the least possible physical and financial impact.

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