How To Become A Master At Talking To Strangers? Tips That Really Work

by Human Resources 09 August 2022

how to become a master at talking to strangers

When someone says, “you are all talk,” you should not feel disheartened. I want you to feel confident about your communication skills. To some people, it comes inherently; some have to hone their skills of talking to strangers.

“In The World Of Strangers, Everyone’s A Stranger Until They Are Not.”

Your communication skills can help you be a “stranger no more” to strangers.

Your skill to talk and communicate with strangers gives you an edge on your entrepreneurial journey, marketing career, and, most importantly, personal relationship (this works even when you are looking for a date).

It would help if you were a talker to get people to befriend you and trust you. You don’t have to be Marting Luther King Jr., Winston Churchill, or Barack Obama. You can just be yourself and be a master of talking to people you don’t know.

But, the real question is – how to become a master at talking to strangers? Thankfully (or unfortunately), you got me to answer that question.

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How To Become A Master At Talking To Strangers? 6 Tips That Work 

As a social being, you might often need to talk to people. Say you are at a conference or attending an event or occasion; it will be inevitable not to talk to strangers. In such a situation, you will need to talk to strangers. Here are some skills and ways to help you improve your skill of talking to strangers.

1. Scratch The Surface

Scratch The Surface

Well, enough metaphors for today. But you need to start somewhere, don’t you? The problem is, you don’t want to creep a stranger out. You also cannot wait for hours to find a chance to start talking. Good advice in such a situation is to be in the moment. Sounds absurd?

It is best to try to relate to a stranger based on the situation and place both of you are in. for example, You are at a wedding, and you can start by saying something like, “the decoration looks nice, doesn’t it?” when they respond you move it forward with talks like “I loved the lights, or the bride looks gorgeous, doesn’t she?”

This was one scenario. The main point is to relate to a stranger in any given time or situation. When the ice breaks, you can carry on the conversation.

2. Look For Contexts: It Will Come Eventually

Look For Contexts: It Will Come Eventually

How to become a master at talking to strangers? The secret lies in context. For instance, you are with a group of people who are talking about a certain topic you are familiar with. You can engage in their conversion by throwing in a relatable insight.

It can be a business seminar, or it can be a friendly get-together where everyone is talking about sports. If you find the context relatable, you should try to join in the conversation.

3. Questions Get You Noticed

Questions Get You Noticed 

A key point of being a master at talking to strangers is to be the star in the room. Who does not love to get noticed? But getting noticed for the right reason should be your priority. You should raise questions (smart and relevant) in between conversations to really leave your mark on the person you are talking to. 

It is best to avoid sensitive topics like politics, religion, or any offensive topics. You can talk about sports, movies, comics, and so much more. When you throw in questions that the other person guessed were coming at them, they will love to extend the conversation themselves.

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4. Listen More To Talk More

Listen More To Talk More

When a certain context gives you a common ground with a stranger, you should use it to its full extent. How? By listening to them more. When you get someone to talk about things they are interested in, they wouldn’t want to stop.

In such a situation, you need to let them talk and listen to them attentively. One of the many tricks to being a master at talking is not to talk.

5. Throw Compliments Like You Are Throwing Dollars

Throw Compliments Like You Are Throwing Dollars

People love to hear good things about themselves. Also, remember to be honest about what you say. False compliments bomb just as much as right compliments rock. If you really see some good in someone, you should come forward and throw a compliment.

For example, the person you are trying to familiarize yourself with is wearing attractive shoes – you need to the point that out and say, “nice shoes!”

6. Let Your Eyes And Smile Do The Talking

Let Your Eyes And Smile Do The Talking

There is no point in a conversation that seems bland. You will know how to become a master at talking with strangers just by using your eyes. When talking to someone, use your smile to express what you are saying through words. While you are at it, make comfortable eye contact with the person.

Your way of talking, coupled with your smile and the tone of your voice, really grabs the attention of any stranger you talk to. Frequent smiling during a conversation helps you bring a stranger into a comfort zone with you. They can better relate to what you are saying when you are expressing your words with your smile and your eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are some popularly asked questions about the same topic. These questions and answers should help you with more relatable problems.

Q1. How Do You Talk Without Being Awkward?

It is tough to talk without being trouble for many of us. But you can improve your condition.
Here are some tips to help –
1. First of all, you should avoid silence.
2. Speak directly from your mind.
3. It is best to acknowledge your discomfort.
4. Try to be polite.
5. Be attentive when listening.

Q2. How Do You Get A Stranger’s Attention?

It is not easy to get a stranger’s attention. But, here are some tips that help –
1. Your smile is the ultimate weapon. But use it wisely.
2. Calling by their names helps you get their attention.
3. Let them talk freely to you.

Q3. What Makes People Easy To Talk?

The key to getting people to talk to you is by being approachable. If you are a good listener, kind, and polite, people will feel comfortable talking to you. The best way to do this is by not passing any judgment. If you are truly empathetic, it makes it easy for people to talk to you.

Talk Away 

It helps if you do some practice. You should take every chance to talk to any stranger and improve your communication. The more attentive and engaging you are, you are doing better. You can take approaches like asking for help or being simply easy to approach.

This article should help you find the answer to the query – how to become a master at talking to strangers. But, if you still need help, the comment box is all yours to use. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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