Is The Hiring Process Burdening Your Firm? Hire A Legal Recruiter

by Job & Career Published on: 23 November 2017 Last Updated on: 27 September 2018

Hiring Process Burdening

Locating the right talent for law firms in Toronto can be a challenging and expensive process. The pool of potential associates can often be vast, with very little information to use in determining which lawyers or paralegals would make good associates. The field of law the firm practices can matter greatly as well because few contemporary firms practice in several legal areas. Finding the right candidate for a position has never been more difficult.

This is not to mention the fact that it also costs the firm significantly when office staff must perform their own human resources procurement work. This puts most law firms in a situation where alternative methods of finding talent must be employed, and by far the easiest way to find a lawyer to hire is through a reputable, knowledgeable and industry-connected legal recruiter.

Selecting from an Established Database

Legal recruiters often have an ongoing streamlined database of attorneys who are either looking for work or looking for a more lucrative position with a different firm – after all, not all law firms in Toronto are equal in terms of their volume of work and the potential for an excellent income.

The right recruiter for your law firm will commonly either provide a central database for clients to request more information in their search for the better candidates, or actually perform the evaluation process for the firm as part of the recruiter agreement, an additional assignment that can save the firm much in terms of time and expense. The initial step is usually to communicate to the recruiter what the firm needs in terms of legal talent and let the recruiter identify which current lawyers in the system are the best fit.

Evaluating New Talent

Most law firms retaining the services of a legal recruiter have a team of 20 or more associates already employed by the company, and these firms often can be selective and take some time making decisions. On the other side of the attorney procurement process, recruiters also work diligently at increasing their streamlined company database on a regular basis.

What this means for the law firm is that the right person could still be found even when no one in the ongoing database of attorneys seems to be the right candidate. What this also means for the firm is that finding the right recruiter becomes as important as finding the right associate. The evaluation process is much of what recruiters do for their law firm clients, while doing the actual research that reflects the better candidates in their growing attorney pool.

The days of merely expecting the right candidate to submit a resume are over. With this established growing trend affecting the legal job market as it does, the decision to hire a recruiter is becoming the norm within the industry. The right legal recruiter can become a de facto human resources subdivision performing the necessary time-consuming work that leads to finding the right attorney for the right position.

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