Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Billboards – The Complete Guide to Advertising Your Business

by Advertising Published on: 07 October 2021 Last Updated on: 12 October 2021

Mobile Billboards

As a business owner, you might find it a bit difficult to promote your business via different methods of advertising. While you may feel like the conventional methods of the past are a sure bet, you might need to consider focusing on modern marketing strategies like mobile billboards.

Mobile billboards are a type of OOH (Out Of Home) advertising where an ad, digital or printed, is placed on the side of a truck or bus. Your target audience will likely come across a mobile billboard while sitting in traffic, at the bus stop, or parked outside their local convenience store.

All in all, mobile billboards are a great way of putting your brand on the faces of your audience at the exact moment you feel they will likely accept your message.

But just how effective are they? What businesses stand to gain the most from mobile billboards? How exactly can you leverage mobile billboards to generate leads for your business?

We’ve answered all those questions and more in this ultimate guide to mobile billboards. You can also reach out to https://salvage.jksalvageco.com/advertising/ to have your business advertised by mobile billboards.

Understanding the Basics: How Does Mobile Billboard Advertising Work?

As highlighted earlier, mobile billboards are OOH ads that are displayed on vehicles. The billboards are made from vinyl posters or large digital screens to showcase ads to potential customers across specific traffic routes.

Mobile billboards have a strong visual appeal and, as such, are often strategically positioned in places with high human traffic, such as events or busy intersections.

Let’s take a closer look at the specifics of how they work.

The Efficacy of Mobile Billboards

Compared to other marketing techniques such as static billboards and posters, mobile billboards are a highly cost-effective method of promoting a product or service.

Mobile billboards can target and capture the attention of a unique, segmented demographic. Pedestrians and other road users will be drawn to the graphic images in motion that make mobile billboards stand out so well.

Additionally, mobile billboards don’t face a lot of competition which works to their advantage. While billboards placed on buildings or across major highways tend to be a bit cluttered, mobile billboards are guaranteed to stand out because people aren’t used to seeing messages on wheels.

Another aspect that makes them so effective is that they are active in spaces where the target audience can be found. For instance, mobile billboards can arrive outside sports events to target fans walking out of the stadium.

Renting a Mobile Billboard

The cost of renting a mobile billboard depends on the size and design of the ad, the targeted location, and the longevity of the campaign. A lot of brands tend to lease the billboard trucks on a one-month basis as a starter, but some go for up to 12 months because of the longer lifespan of their campaign.

Expect to pay anywhere between $300-1000 for a static mobile billboard ad, but digital mobile billboards will cost you perhaps double that amount because of the technology behind them. However, rates for both fixed and digital ads may change with the market and timing of the campaign.

Now that you have an idea of the costs of renting a mobile billboard, let’s look at what sort of businesses stand to gain from leveraging mobile billboards.

Examples of Businesses That Can Benefit From Mobile Billboards


Regardless of what industry your business is operating in, advertising is an integral tool to your success. You might want to market your business on TV, radio, newspapers, and social media, but the truth is it may not be fiscally possible, especially for a small business.

The good news is, some advertising techniques are more effective in promoting certain businesses than others, meaning you can give specific platforms more focus than others.

Below is a detailed analysis of businesses that can use mobile billboards to generate leads and increase their profit margins.

1. Real Estate Agents

In a space that’s as competitive as real estate, realtors need to know how to get their names out there in public. From sending out realtor postcards to publishing their faces on bus stop benches, there are plenty of ways for real estate agents to get their brands out there.

But if you really want to stand out from your competition, a mobile billboard is a great way of doing so. Your face, brand, and contacts being driven around town will give your business more exposure within a particular geographical region.

2. Hotels and Restaurants

A mobile billboard is a great way of showing off your special offerings, whether you’re a new restaurant or a local favorite for years.

Having beautiful, eye-catching images of what you serve on your menu, especially during the lunch period, will get tummies rumbling and mouths salivating all across town. Within no time, those mouths and bellies will find their way through your restaurant doors.

3. Financial Services Providers

Financial service providers like banks are also great candidates for mobile billboards. You can advertise your interest rates on loans or different features that make your services stand out from the competition.

4. Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Businesses

People usually don’t think they need HVAC services until they really do. An HVAC company can capture the attention of those in need of their services before their AC busts in the middle of a very scorching summer or freezing winter.

Next, we’ll walk you through some of the potential benefits you can expect from using mobile billboards.

The Advantages of Mobile Billboards


Research studies on public perception of mobile billboards fall primarily on the promising end of the spectrum.

It’s estimated that 97% of people can remember the ads they saw on a mobile billboard compared to the less than 60% of people who can recall ads they saw on their phones. Researchers also discovered that 68% of customers decided to buy a product they saw from a mobile billboard while in their cars.

But what else can mobile billboards do for your brand? Continue reading to understand the potential benefits of incorporating mobile billboards into your marketing strategy.

1. Wide Audience Reach

Because of their cost-effective nature, many business owners struggle with budget-friendly advertising platforms that only tend to reach a small area, usually close to the business. For instance, a print ad will only reach people who read the newspaper. Internet ads will only reach people with online access or visit certain websites.

But with mobile billboards, your ad will reach a much larger audience, especially in high traffic areas. You can cover a whole city and expose your brand to potential customers you would never have otherwise reached with other forms of advertising.

2. They Are Very Affordable

In a volatile, unpredictable business climate like the one, we operate within today, finding affordable advertising platforms is crucial to the success of your business. Unfortunately, many platforms are quite costly, many of which aren’t feasible for small businesses with a small marketing budget.

However, with mobile billboards, you don’t have to sacrifice ROI just to save money. Mobile billboards are cheaper than static billboards, printed ads, and TV or radio commercials while being even more effective if the ad recall numbers highlighted above are anything to go by.

For a cheaper price, you’ll get an outstanding, effective form of advertising proven to help boost brand awareness and, ultimately, sales.

3. More Control Over Your Ad

One of the key benefits of mobile billboards is having control over where and when your ads will show up.

If you have strong customer insight, such as their location, age, and demographic, you’ll have a solid understanding of where and when to advertise so you can reach even more people. If the number of people within a certain area reduces, you can quickly reroute the truck to go to denser areas where you can expose your business to more customers.

As you can expect, static billboards don’t provide the same control you’ll enjoy with mobile billboards.

4. Mobile Billboards Are Highly Conspicuous

People nowadays have become so used to ads that they have become somewhat ‘unsensitized.’ We have ads on TV, radio, our cell phones, and posters in just about every corner we turn.

As such, a considerable chunk of the target audience has found ways to avoid ads. People mute commercials on TV and radio, turn to a new page in the newspaper or install ad-block tools to keep ads from their online activities.

However, mobile billboards are practically unavoidable. Because of their strong visual appeal, people don’t look away from mobile billboards like they would with a static billboard.

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A well-planned and implemented mobile billboard marketing campaign can promote your business and establish strong brand recognition among your target audience.

But from conventional advertising techniques such as TV and Radio to modern advertising platforms such as social media marketing, the world of advertising can be a bit too complex to navigate for business owners.

That’s why you need to visit J&K Salvage if you’d like to set up a mobile billboard advertising campaign. J&K Salvage can help take your message to your target audience to build brand awareness among your potential customers.

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