Outdoor Advertising and Your Business: Is It Worth It?

by Advertising 28 January 2021


When we talk about marketing your business, it’s common to focus on social media, SEO tips, and digital marketing. While that’s certainly a space any savvy business owner should be capitalizing on, you ignore more traditional advertising methods at your peril. Today, we look at why outdoor advertising is still a vital path for your business.

Does outdoor marketing still work?

outdoor marketing

You need only look to businesses like Cracker Barrel to see how a smart outdoor advertising strategy has translated to success. Currently, available statistics suggest almost half of their brand marketing budget is focused on physical advertising, and it seems to pay off for them, with 10% growth anticipated for the current period. With this business, we see careful positioning used, near onramps and interstates, integrating seamlessly with their physical restaurants, which is a perfect mix for luring in the tired road-tripper who wants a break.

In a world where ‘targeted digital advertising’ is so alluring, why has plain-old outdoor advertising worked for them? The answer is two-fold. Firstly, we’re spending so much of our time in front of screens, especially with the reigning chaos created by the COVID-19 pandemic, and outdoor marketing is suddenly more eye-catching than what’s on your phone. Secondly, that momentary attention is all a savvy brand needs to draw in the viewer completely. It’s been suggested by marketing experts that outdoor advertising is the single biggest source of revenue and customers next to digital marketing sources.

That’s not to say it’s easy, however. If you have an outdoor marketing strategy in mind, it has to be smart and able to integrate with your digital marketing plan.

Go big, but be smart

Outdoor Advertising

Billboards may work wonders for national chains, but there are also ways that smaller businesses can apply this methodology. While you may look to smaller lures like outdoor mesh banners, to promote your business, the takeaways are the same.

  • Want a quick shortcut for smart outdoor advertising? Look at what is working for other brands and adapt it to yours. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel if something is working elsewhere. Pay particular attention to direct competitors.
  • Attract attention; the whole point is to get eyes on your business. Make it eye-popping, and be sure to include a call-to-action, whether it’s viewed on your website or walking into your shop.
  • Capitalizing on people’s commutes is a smart idea, whether it’s a campaign on the subway or getting your marketing to appear near a packed freeway.
  • Fuse the digital space into your traditional marketing. While it does take more of an advertising budget than the average small business may have to throw around, we’ve seen some deliciously innovative outdoor campaigns from giants like Coca-Cola. It’s worth seeing what you can take away from them and bring into your own marketing efforts. From interactive displays and touchscreens to billboards that illuminate at key moments, smart fusions of the digital and real-world have the power to attract more attention than either space alone.

There’s a reason major businesses like Coca-Cola, Amazon, and Google maintain a strong marketing presence in the real world of advertising. Why not harness that same power for your own business, and watch it thrive?

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