3 Components of Your Business That You Should Be Advertising

by Advertising 05 October 2021

Components of Your Business

Businesses advertise for the simple reason that informing the public about their products and/or services are available to them for a fee. Not only is advertising used to increase the awareness of a company and what it can do for the public, but it’s also used to show the public that their particular company provides better products/services than companies offering similar things.

Once you’ve determined a need for a specific product/service and identified an audience that needs what you’re selling, it’s time to advertise. But is that the only thing that you need to advertise to the public, or are there other components of your business that can be advertised as well?

#1: Products and/or Services

Products and/or Services

Obviously, a company is in business in order to sell certain products to customers, or certain services to clients. Advertising your products/services to a clearly defined audience is the basics of marketing, but there are different ways that you can advertise what you’re selling.

Email marketing is a popular example of a way to advertise your products/services to your audience and is a good technique to use to retain the customers/clients you already have. Through email marketing, you can advertise for new products, sales on existing products and promotions, testimonials, and success stories. As a business owner, you should always promote your products/services because there’s always a bigger audience reach.

#2: Your Company

Similar to advertising your products/services, you also have to market your company as a whole. Basically, this is how you get people to be aware of your company and why they need to choose your products/services over the competition. One of the best ways to do that is through social media marketing.

The majority of social media users are on Facebook, and having a Facebook business page (and business pages across other social media platforms) is a great way to bring attention to your business. Another thing you’ll want to have is a business website, a resource where potential customers/clients can purchase your products/services online and where they can get more information about your company. Your website (and all of your social channels) should accurately portray your brand, which is an extension of your company.

#3: Your Brand

Your Brand

This may seem like the exact same thing as advertising your company, but there is a subtle difference between your business and your brand. Your “brand” is the entire identity of your business— the way people perceive your company. This is important because this is how your audience will recognize your company, making it stand out in their minds from your competitors. Keep in mind that it takes time to establish and brand for your company, which is why it’s important to stick to your core values and be consistent with everything you do.

Affiliate marketers aren’t actual employees of your company, but they do help bring in more money because they love your company and what it stands for. However, marketing your brand is also a good way to recruit employees. A professional recruitment service can help you advertise your job openings with paid ads to attract the right candidates, based on how you define your company’s brand.


The promotion of all three of these aspects is essential to the success and growth of your business. Your products/services are what helps to familiarize your audience with the existence of your company. Your brand persona is what helps evoke positive feelings about your company when it or your products/services are mentioned.

Many business owners tend to solely focus on the promotion of their products/services— which is important in order for them to make money— but they sometimes neglect promotion of the company and many times promotion of their brand. Actual brand awareness is the foundation of your success because once people are aware of your brand, they’re also aware of your company and your products/services.

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