A Comprehensive Guide To Pay-Per-Click Advertising For Brands

by Advertising 10 July 2021

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In the past few years, marketers have tried to make the most out of their PPC requirements. They have used PPC advertising to help them generate more sales, promote branding and awareness as well as lead generation.

However, optimizing a PPC campaign is not easy. It requires skill, expertise, and experience. It also requires the marketer to do a lot of research and unearth information that will help in generating the lowest CPC or Cost-Per-Clicks for the PPC campaigns.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the major aspects of PPC campaigns. We are going to look at some critical challenges as well as discuss important advantages of the same. If you are someone who wants to know how Google Ads works, you should read this article till the end.

Pay Per Click Advertising: What Is It all about?

Search engines like Google and Microsoft have created paid services that can help brands show their website results on the top of search pages for relevant keywords. In very simple words, PPC advertising involves a brand spending money on search engines to have their websites placed at the top of the SERPs.

Every time someone types in a keyword and sees the brand as the first search result, they are very likely to click on the same and buy from the brand. As compared to Search Engine Optimization, where brands have to earn the clicks organically, in PPC advertising, the clicks can be bought by paying and bidding on specific keywords.

PPC campaigns can be run on search engines, in the form of display ads on websites and also on video content platforms like YouTube. Depending on what suits the interests of your brands, you can choose the kind of PPC advertising you want to go for.

Benefits Of Pay Per Click Advertising For Brands

In this section, we are going to look at some of the major advantages or benefits of PPC advertising-

1. Reaching Target Audiences-

The first major benefit of PPC is the exact targeting that brands can fix for their target audiences. This includes more than just devising keyword sets. It also includes building a complete buyer’s persona and letting Google know about it. This means fixing age groups, professions, and location. You cannot get more specific than this when it comes to targeting.

2. Allowing A Site To Benefit From Immediate Web Traffic-

The moment your ad goes live, you will start seeing web traffic on your links. This absolute immediate traffic is the result of placing the links right at the top of the search results. More traffic means, more clients willing to check out the product or service you are promoting. Ultimately, it can help in more sales and revenues for the brand.

3. This Is The Best ROI Delivering Digital Marketing Strategy-

Several studies have shown that as compared to any other form of digital marketing, PPC advertising helps in generating the maximum ROIs for a business. In other words, the CPC is always lower than the final sales a brand is able to make after running a PPC campaign on search engines. The immediate results and low investments prompt brands to go for PPC.

4. This Advertising And Strategy Is Free From Algorithmic Changes And Updates-

Every SEO knows that one of the most important challenges facing them is the frequent updates and algorithm changes that search engines are so infamous for. SEO strategies have to be changed every time an update comes through. In this regard, PPC holds a critical advantage. They are not subject to any changes in Google updates or algorithms.

Major PPC Challenges Brands Need To Deal With

Given the long list of advantages mentioned in the previous section, you can understand why most brands love PPC. However, running highly optimized campaigns is not easy. The following are some of the major challenges-

  • A good PPC campaign involves excellent keyword research. This is why many leading SEO experts are great when it comes to planning for PPC advertising. Without the right keywords, a PPC advertising campaign cannot be successful.
  • Outbidding some major brands when it comes to PPC is practically impossible. With the kind of budgets they have, it is very difficult to show your PPC ad at the top of the SERPs. Showing them in fifth or sixth positions cannot deliver the real results.
  • Understanding and Analysing data from PPC campaigns is not as easy as it appears. CPCs and CTRs need to be monitored and real-time changes need to be affected. If that does not happen, the campaign performance suffers.

The Bottom Line

While PPC advertising is a great way for improving the performance of a brand, it requires careful research, experience, and execution. Working with a leading agency and its professionals that specialize in PPC campaigns can make a major difference. If you have any more questions you would like us to answer, let us know in the comments below.

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