Why Are Animated Explainer Videos So Powerful?

by Business Development 28 January 2023

Animated Explainer Videos

Explainer videos have the potential to play a significant part in the marketing approach that you use. It is a promotional or instructional film that is often rather brief in length.

It promotes a particular offering from the firm or describes an aspect of its business model. Video Production Company is a professional media team that has found much success with explainer videos. Here are reasons why are animated explainer videos so powerful.

About Animated Explainer Video

Animated explainer videos can take your ideas, thoughts, and stories and turn them into a visual feast that captivates and motivates your audience. You then provide this feast to your audience in the most effective manner possible, summing up your complex thoughts and presenting them with relish.

With a well-thought-out narrative, detailed illustrations, interesting and fluid animation, and a professional voiceover, animated explainer films and whiteboard videos can do this. It’s no mystery why explainer videos work, given the immediate attention that such visually rich tools can garner.

These characteristics differentiate animated explainer films from “talking head” and other explainer videos and make them the ideal medium for disseminating difficult or dull material.

Reasons Why Are Animated Explainer Videos So Powerful

To sum up, explainer videos are an ideal medium for imparting knowledge to human beings. The following are three reasons why.

Videos Are Simpler To Understand Than The Written Or Spoken Word

The human brain more easily processes visual information. That’s the one we like and find more stimulating. It has been shown that video advertisements get 27.4 percent more clicks than standard banner ads.

Furthermore, pictures are processed by the human brain at a rate far higher than words (we need only a quarter of a second to process a visual cue).

Personalization Is Facilitated Through Videos

However, not every video can make you feel anything. To ‘speak’ to people on a psychological level, it has to be exceptionally excellent. Include people’s faces in your film if you want an emotional reaction from viewers.

People Appreciate Efficient Means Of Acquiring Relevant Data In A Flash

Our time is more important than anything else, and the time-saving benefits of explainer films are tremendous (sometimes even hours). Animation Explainers, a business specializing in explainer films, suggests keeping your clip to no more than 2 minutes.

Video Content Outperforms Text-Based Communication

Video is the most effective medium for turning leads into purchases. By watching informative videos, customers may learn more about a company and its offerings. It may better explain the advantages of a product or service to customers via videos.

Customers remember more from viewing videos than they do from reading text; in fact, 95% of a message is remembered through video. Videos are far more appealing to consumers than reading text or looking at a handbook.

There is a significant improvement in presentation, persuasiveness, and efficiency thanks to the structure, brief duration, and crystal-clear, concise material.

Creating And Sharing Videos Is Simple

Creating And Sharing Videos Is Simple

Consumers are twice as likely to forward an engaging explainer video to pals as they forward any other material they come across online. A video is preferred over a long essay, a complicated infographic, or a dry e-book since it can quickly digest it. While there’s no way to know whether a video will “go viral,” the likelihood of it being widely shared increases dramatically with each additional view.

Budget-Friendly Options 

Producing an explanatory video need not drain your marketing funds. Thanks to today’s cutting-edge technology, it may easily generate even budget-friendly productions of professionally-produced videos.

You can rest easy knowing that your film will accurately represent your organization and message when working with a professional video marketing firm. To set your company apart from the competitors, this is crucial.

Explainer Video Provides An Edge

Explanation films are still very uncommon (even though they should be). Having your explainer videos live across several marketing channels, and video platforms will do more than just set you apart from the competitors. In addition, it improves your site’s visibility on search engines, which increases the possibility that prospective clients may find your business online.

Explainer Videos Make It Simple To Convey A Product Or Service

Explainer Videos Make It Simple To Convey A Product Or Service

An explainer film is a great way to demonstrate to customers how to use a product or profit from a service. Instructional videos are more engaging and effective than plain text because they provide a visual representation.

The Use Of Videos Might Boost Your Sales

Customers are more likely to purchase after seeing an explainer film because of its increased engagement and clarity. More than ninety percent of customers say that seeing a video makes a big difference when making a purchase, according to some sites, including Forbes.

Video-Animated Explanations Are Direct To The Point

Even if the topic of a lengthy video is engaging, viewers will inevitably tune out as the video progresses. The success of explainer videos comes from their brevity and clarity.

Consumers nowadays want to locate what they need without spending too much time; thus, websites and videos must be designed with this in mind. With its help, you can get your point over quickly and interestingly while ensuring that the most important details have been conveyed.

They Raise Website Rankings In Search Results

Raise Website Rankings In Search Results

To improve your SEO marketing and attract more web traffic via various channels, you may tag and label explainer films focused on certain themes, goods, or services with keywords.

As Google employs algorithms to determine how long someone spends on a page, including videos on your site may boost its search engine ranks.

Acquire Animated Explainer Videos Now!

One more effective tactic is to use the services of a video marketing company. They’ll assist you in producing a high-quality video and may advise you on the best platforms on which to distribute it. Overall, explainer videos may have a significant long-term influence if you put in the time and effort to create them properly and post them in the most beneficial places.

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