How Fractional General Counsel Can Protect Your Company?

by Business Development 06 February 2024

Fractional General Counsel

A fractional general counsel is a part-time licensed attorney (considered an independent contractor) who provides ongoing legal services on a flat rate or fixed-price basis.

The fractional general counsel or legal firm serves other clients, but you receive hours of personalized care each month. You can hire this attorney for a flat cost if you have a legal emergency or need general counsel. An FGC is a part-time legal counsel who gives strategic legal expertise without committing to full-time. 

Concerning About Fractional general counsel

Every business, particularly those wanting to expand, faces legal challenges. A fractional general counsel allows firms, often startups or small businesses, to collaborate with highly experienced former in-house lawyers without paying the cost of a full-time general counsel.

It is part of a trend towards a more flexible work environment. In contrast to outside counsel, fractional services are similar to hiring a part-time staff. Professionals might provide advice under a retainer or contract agreement. It also means that a Fractional General Counsel may work for multiple companies. 

Functions of Fractional General Counsels 

You’re probably wondering if the fractional general counsel operates similarly to a law firm. For instance, the law company deals with several clients at once. The law practice bills each client hourly or on a retainer basis. The fractional general counsel works on a predetermined fee.

Once you have paid the predetermined price, you can consult with the attorney for legal advice or assistance. Anyone can retain the services of a fractional general counsel. It will depend on the nature and frequency of your legal obligations.

Cost-Effective Approach 

Traditional legal services can be costly, prompting businesses to cut corners or overlook critical legal issues. Fractional General Counsel challenges this narrative by providing a more cost-effective option. Pay for the skills you require, exactly when you need them – no more, no less.

Fractional General Counsel Charge

When assessing the rate for legal services given, the fractional general counsel takes into account specified elements. First, customer engagement is on demand. As a result, the clients and the attorney have the freedom to choose the terms of engagement. Fractional general counsels may charge an hourly cost for their services. It, however, may be subject to estimations for individual projects.

Strategic Risk Management 

Legal challenges can represent risks to your company, but risk management can turn the tide in your favor. Fractional General Counsel does more than just put out fires; it identifies possible dangers, implements preventive measures, and ensures that your firm runs smoothly.

Corporations require a fractional General Counsel

Corporations require a fractional General Counsel

It is less important to determine whether a company requires a Fractional General Counsel than to determine whether this is the appropriate form of General Counsel for them. A fractional GC is a legal solution designed for smaller businesses or startups that require legal assistance but do not have the financial resources to hire a full-time general counsel.

The Fractional General Counsel arrangement can be beneficial to everyone involved. It provides consumers with firm-based fees, predictable legal costs, enhanced business expertise, and greater flexibility and work-life balance.

Strategic Partnership Advantage 

Fractional General Counsel is more than a service; it’s a strategic collaboration. Imagine having a seasoned legal specialist on your team that understands your business and provides specialised legal solutions. It’s like having a reliable advisor on speed dial.

Fractional General Counsel Costs

Clients frequently assume that legal fees are prohibitively expensive. However, this is particularly relevant when working with in-house lawyers on a full-time basis or large law firms that require a retainer. Costs for fractional general counsel vary depending on a variety of criteria.

The intricacy of the task at hand is one of these considerations. If the issue at hand is complex, the cost may be higher. A functional general counsel normally charges legal fees based on the hours they spend on your unique case. If extra hours are required on the case, you may need to increase your rate somewhat.

Who Needs Fractional General Counsel?

Do you require this type of legal assistance now that you understand the dynamics of fractional general counsel? Legal support is an unavoidable requirement for any firm. Whether you manage a small business or a huge organization, you will require legal guidance at some point.

However, fractional general counsel is a legal solution designed to help small and medium-sized firms who want legal assistance but lack financial resources. Big organizations may also use this option to complete more urgent but short-term tasks.


The Fractional General Counsel concept is more than simply a trend; it is a strategic answer for organizations in a quickly changing world. Whether you’re a startup searching for first legal assistance, an SME navigating complex rules, or a major corporation wanting specialized help without the overheads, an FGC is a solution. As firms aspire to be leaner and more efficient, the function of the Fractional General Counsel will become increasingly important in the future.

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