5 Benefits of an Automatic Capping Machine

by Business Development 05 January 2022

Capping Machine

Modern bottle capping machines come in different designs capabilities. Typically, they depend on the caps used on containers and the required level of automation. While you may need different cappers to handle various container closures, automatic cappers are versatile to handle multiple types of caps.

Regardless of the production demands in your business, an automated production line has numerous benefits. At times, complete automation makes most sense after your business reaches a certain production threshold. However, even small and medium manufacturing enterprises need to improve their efficiency.

Therefore, it’s crucial to eliminate manual labor in the packaging room and the inconsistencies that come with it. The business landscape is getting more competitive, and innovative businesses strive towards seamless operations to improve efficiencies and profit margins.

If you are considering upgrading your packaging equipment, here are some benefits of an automatic capping machine.

1. Higher Consistency and Reliability

Capping Machine

Using an automatic screw capping machine eliminates the uncertainty and inconsistencies of manual capping. Regardless of whether you are using different closures or not, the automated production line ensures that each container is sealed the same way.

Besides the fact that manual capping may not produce uniformity, your workers are prone to fatigue which often leads to reliability issues. An automatic bottle capper deploys consistent pressure and torque when handling the containers, ensuring consistent seals.

2. Easy Integration in the Production Line

Modern capping equipment is often easy to integrate into your current production line equipment. And since most manufacturers start their operations with less sophisticated Acasi machinery, integration capability is essential.

As your organization grows, you might need to upgrade the production line. But you don’t need to replace the entire production line. Instead, you can acquire the most crucial equipment and expand your operations.

Automatic cappers are easy to install in your existing conveyor system. Innovative manufacturers build their industrial equipment with the future and growth potential in mind. And since the machines don’t immediately meet their maximum capacity, businesses can upgrade as they grow. For instance, you can add additional filling heads at any time to boost production speeds.

3. Speed and Versatility

Upgrading to an automated capping machine improves the speed in your production line. Unlike manual and semi-automatic capping machines, fully automatic capping equipment can handle more containers with minimal labor force requirements.

Additionally, fully-automatic container sealing machines don’t require the constant intervention of production line operators. While the operator still needs to ensure the machine is loaded with enough closures, the engagement is minimal.

Most manufacturers use different containers for packaging their products. Therefore, it’s necessary to have a versatile machine that can handle all the bottles in the entire production line. For instance, spindle cappers can work with different types of screw-on caps without the need for cumbersome changeovers.

4. Product Line Security

Automated cappers are built to provide reliable sealing jobs and ensure product security. A manual capping machine may suffice for small production lines with a small output target. However, product security is not always guaranteed.

Most cappers can ensure tamper-proof packaging so that your customers receive intact products. This type of packaging can help customers to easily determine if a product has been tampered with during transit. When customers are certain about product security, you can be sure of higher levels of trust for your brand.

Satisfied customers are the bloodline of your business. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure your customers are always happy with your products and services. High customer satisfaction not only leads to more revenues but also helps you win more customers.

5. Easy to Operate

Easy to Operate

The advanced plastic bottle capping machine comes with an inbuilt PLC and a user interface. The machine operator can set different operation parameters from the interface screen, including speeds, time, and product amounts.

After setting up the equipment, the parameters are retained as long as you don’t change anything. But when the need arises, the operator can alter the setting to match production line needs. Typically, the changes are only necessary when changing the conveyors or capping heads.

Most importantly, machine manufacturers usually provide the necessary training on how to operate sealing machines. And in case there are any features that you don’t understand, you can have one of your operators trained by the automatic capping machine manufacturer.


There are various reasons why you should upgrade to an automatic bottle capping machine in your production line. Besides improving your production speeds, automated production lines are more convenient and reliable. And unlike a handheld capping machine used for manual capping, modern sealing equipment ensures uniformity and security of products.

Before you choose capping equipment, it’s vital to consider your manufacturing needs and expansion plans. In most cases, machine manufacturers can guide you through the process, but you still need to be aware of the options.

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