Why Recognition Awards Are Ideal For Volunteers

by Job & Career Published on: 10 April 2019 Last Updated on: 16 March 2020

The heart of a volunteer is one that is selfless and has the immense desire to assist and serve others. However, the job itself can sometimes be draining and even thankless in the end. When we think of volunteer work, people often focus on the free services that can be rendered while forgetting about the individuals that sacrifice their valuable time, energy, and resources to ultimately making the world a better place.

Why Volunteers Should Be Recognized More Often:

If someone devotes himself in efforts to better the circumstances of others, they are deserving of some sort of appreciation or recognition awards to recognize their compassion. Let’s face it—no matter how much of a privileged life one may lead, no one is forced to help anyone. We see this every day as wealthy people pass the homeless on the street without even sparing a small amount of change that can ultimately make the difference between a hungry night and a warm appreciated dinner. No matter how unfair it may seem, there are some people who will always have issues attaining money and resources while others will live luxuriously and will not offer a second look to their counterparts.

Because we are living in an age in which people view time as money and will usually only participate in activities that fuel the betterment of their own lifestyles, there are few people who are willing to lend a hand to a stranger or even help to build their communities. However, in the midst of all of the busy schedules, there are people who are humane enough to devote their time and energy to share their grace and become of service to others. These people are the gems of the world and should be honored for their compassion. Read more about why recognition is an integral aspect of a working environment (whether the work is paid or not).

How To Recognize The Work Of A Volunteer:

It is highly unlikely that a volunteer offers their services in order to receive some sort of stamp of approval; however, their good deeds should never go unspoken. The least you can do as an establishment, community leader, or good samaritan is to show your appreciation to those who choose not to turn a blind eye to others in need.

There are plenty of ways to go about recognizing a volunteer. Volunteering is charity work so those who participate aren’t looking for cash payments nor do they expect you to drastically express your gratitude. Those who give from the heart are grateful for any small gesture of appreciation. Here are a few of the many ways that you can recognize a deserving volunteer:

  • A simple “thank you”
  • A card expressing appreciation
  • Tickets to an event
  • A mention in a public article or meeting
  • Discounts or free services
  • A letter of recommendation
  • A promotion or additional power or authority within the establishment

Why A Recognition Award May Be The Best Thank You Gift:

Among all of the ways that you can reward the diligence of a volunteer, a recognition award may be the best way to honor those who have extended exceptional service. After all, who wouldn’t want to be recognized as someone who added value to a process and made a positive lasting impact? An award of this nature would assure the volunteer that they were a part of something special and would give them a sense of both appreciation and accomplishment.

A recognition award is exactly as it sounds and can be tailored to the preferences of both the issuing party and the volunteer. This prize can be issued in the form of a certificate, plaque, trophy, medal, or even a ribbon. Here is how you can decide on the best plaque or award to give your volunteers. It is also ideal that the prize is awarded in front of as many supporters as possible so that everyone can openly express their gratitude to the volunteer.

Volunteering is one of the most precious jobs as it promises no material compensation. The work of a volunteer is one that should always be cherished. Never take a helping hand for granted.

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