4 Ways to Boost Your Brand as a Person in the Public Eye

by Business Development 24 November 2018


People often talk about branding associated with familiar companies like Apple and Walmart. It’s true that branding applies to those well-known names, but it’s also essential for people who want to become more known in their communities. Whether you are a businessperson or someone else who has a public platform, it’s easy and worthwhile to increase the recognition of your personal brand.

1. Consider Doing Volunteer Work:

Volunteering is an excellent way to get to know other people, take part in activities that have tremendous impacts, and improve your leadership skills. Being a volunteer also allows you to explore your passions and may enable you to get involved in something you wouldn’t have otherwise taken part in if it weren’t for volunteering.

As you work around other volunteers, some of them will undoubtedly ask you about your background, including what you do for a living. When that happens, you can smoothly guide the conversation by talking about the things that matter most to you. Doing that could help people form especially favorable impressions.

2. Sponsor a Charity Event:

Aligning yourself with a charity is another fantastic option to make your personal brand more prominent. It’s a good move to make if your schedule will not allow for the time commitment required by volunteering, but you still want to do what you can to make a difference for others.

When corporations choose to become event sponsors, they can expect increased visibility, as well as additional revenue that may come with it. After all, many events have printed programs, banners, or other ways that they announce their sponsors.

You never know if your involvement with an event for a good cause could result in someone reaching out and learning more about what you do. If you have a business, the initial point of contact could be the start of a fruitful working relationship.

3. Make Yourself Approachable:

Some people in the public eye develop reputations for being reclusive and rarely or never interacting with others or agreeing to be interviewed. If you tend to be like that, it’s worth trying to change your ways and becoming more approachable. If you appear closed off, people may not even try to get to know you and understand your work.

It only takes a moment to smile at someone and give a brief but earnest response to a question. And, by doing that, you could make a long-lasting impact that makes the person you interacted with believe that you truly care about listening to others and being involved in things that aren’t only directly associated with you.

You could also consider appearing on local nightly news programs or starting a blog on your website. Both of those things could give people glimpses of who you are and how you spend your time, but don’t make face-to-face interactions necessary.

4. Share Your Knowledge:

You probably have a wealth of knowledge obtained over time through your specialty or background. In that case, consider taking a teaching role or helping others learn in more informal ways.

State representatives can make excellent university professors, lending expertise and credibility to fields of study like government, civics, urban planning, and more. Think about hosting seminars, workshops, and lectures, especially if you cannot commit to teaching during a full semester. Your involvement could be life-changing and valuable for the attendees.

As you can see from this list, improving your personal brand is all about involvement. So, it’s essential to be open to meeting other people and explaining how you might be able to meet their needs through your expertise and life experience.

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