Being Charged with a Felony – Steps you Need to Take to Protect your Business and Career

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Charged with a Felony

Criminal felonies aren’t something that can be easily overcome, considering the gravity of the situation. When you have done something that has put you in the position of being charged with a felony, dealing with a lot of stress and worries is normal. Because you probably want to lower your risks of going to jail as much as possible, being fully aware of how you should act every step of the way is critical.

Besides, there are other implications being charged with a felony has, including on your business. You might have your business accounts frozen; you might be unable to operate in the position you were previously operating on, or you might face the prospect of becoming unemployable. This is why finding a reliable attorney and taking the right steps after being charged with a felony is highly important.

There are a few relevant details you should know about from the start, which will help you keep the entire situation under control, and benefit from the best outcomes. Here are some things you need to be informed of, to have your business, assets, and career protected in case of being charged with a felony.

Don’t make any rushed decisions – act appropriately during the investigation:

“Handling the situation yourself” should be your last thought here – criminal felonies aren’t something that can be easily solved without further assistance. You are recommended to maintain your calm from the start and not make any rushed decisions. “You have the right to remain silent” is a common phrase you have probably heard multiple times in movies and on the news, and this is exactly the approach you need to adopt unit you access further legal advice. When you are being questioned, remaining polite and calm at the same time should be your priority. Attempting to argue with police officers or with the authority figures you will come in contact with will only make things worse. Act appropriately from the start.

Find a good criminal defense lawyer:

No other further action should be taken before you get in contact with an experienced and trustworthy lawyer with sufficient knowledge of felony cases. Your choice here is critical, considering it may influence the further development of your case and the charges you will remain with. The moment you are accused of committing a crime, you should reach out to an attorney. A specialist will help you understand your rights and advise you on how to act in order to not set yourself up for an easy conviction. Despite the multitude of option that might be available in your region, you should choose wisely. When you are trying to hire a good criminal defense lawyer San Diego, you are recommended to

  • Do your research. Ask around, if you have any acquaintances who can recommend someone, it will be easier to make a selection, if not, look online for testimonials or ask someone from your family to do that for you (if you are still under arrest).
  • Before hiring them, ask the attorney how many similar felony cases they have handled, and won. If they have had great results in the past with similar scenarios, you will feel more confident in their abilities.
  • Find someone with courtroom experience. In the eventuality of not being able to reach an agreement and having to take your case to court, it’s better to work with someone who knows their way around the courtroom.
  • Don’t neglect your instinct. It’s important to collaborate with a lawyer you actually feel comfortable talking to. Trust your feelings.

Be aware of the offense you are facing:

Because this is probably the first time you are dealing with such an occurrence, you might not know all the implications involved. Many culprits often associate misdemeanors with felonies, not realizing the differences between the two. The charges can be far more severe for a felony than they would for a misdemeanor, so being aware of the specifics of your offense is a must. Discuss with your lawyer, and they will be able to thoroughly explain to you everything you need to know, and all the potential charges that might appear. Being aware from the start of the worst case scenario will ease the experience altogether.

Maintain an honest relationship with your attorney:

In situations where the felon fully understands their mistakes and is aware of the risks involved, they might be tempted to purposely hide details, falsely believing that this can help them maintain a cleaner record. You are always recommended to be 100 percent honest with your layer from start to finish, and not omit any details. Because you are protected by attorney-client privilege, you shouldn’t be afraid to share everything that has happened, even if it might put the entire guilt on you. If your lawyer has accurate information, they can be prepared with the best defense strategies.

Maintain confidentiality – don’t talk about your case with your friends or family:

It’s normal for you to want to vent to your friends and family, but this can be something that might later put you in a risky situation. Family and friends have not protected by confidentiality rules so anything you share with them could come out in court if they are obligated to testify, and could increase your risks. Try to maintain confidentiality, and discuss as little as possible about the case with anyone else than your attorney.

Find witnesses:

Witnesses might be the ones to save you from a rough sentence, so make a list of everyone who was at the scene of the crime, and think about the people who would testify positively on your behalf. If anyone can support your innocence, it will matter tremendously.

Don’t miss any court proceedings:

Whether it’s a preliminary hearing or the imposition of the sentence, the defendant should be present at all court proceedings. Not making an appearance will only make the situation worse, and could actually lead to an arrest warrant.

Being charged with a criminal felony is of course highly unpleasant. The repercussions can be multiple, and if not handled accordingly, you might even be faced with jail time. Because each detail counts here, you should be thoroughly informed on the subject, and take the right steps in this direction. The aspects highlighted above can help you with the matter. Take into account each one of these guidelines and use them to your advantage. If you act wisely, this unpleasant experience can remain a thing of the past, and not affect your future well-being.

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