How to Market Your Drug and Alcohol Rehab Clinic

by Marketing Published on: 03 May 2018 Last Updated on: 15 November 2022

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When you are in the business of healing and helping, it can be a bit tricky when it comes to marketing. You want your name and service known in the community, but you need to employ some tact.

You need methods that will be subtle, respectful, yet effective.

You are offering a service and you want that service to be used and known. Just like a dentist or a plumber, people need your service ad they need to know where to find you.

According to leading experts at successful alcohol treatment centers Orlando FL you need to have contact information situated in a manner that is easily visible for individuals that want to get in touch. You also want to maintain a positive and encouraging tone of communication as far as your website’s content is concerned.

While a rehab clinic can’t really resort to gimmickry and flashy advertising, there are still a lot of ways to get yourself known. Here we will take a look at a few very effective ways to market your rehab clinic.

Types of Rehab Clinics:

If you are looking for a rehab clinic, there are a few things to consider, as not all of them will be alike.

Private vs Public:

A private clinic may be rather expensive and require an extended stay, depending on the type of treatment you need. These types of clinics do not resort spas, but they are nice, however, and may well be covered by your insurance program.

Public rehab clinics are state-funded and are not as fancy as private clinics. The public rehab clinics are covered by insurance and not by the patients.

Length of Stay:

There are rehab clinics that may require you to partake in an extensive long-term treatment, where some may be a drop-in style, on an outpatient basis.

Long-term may be up to two months, short-term may only be one month. These will depend on how long your addiction has been going on, what the substance is and how well you respond to the treatment.

Type of Addiction:

When looking for a rehab clinic, it’s important to understand that different addictions require different care. Dependency is a very complex issue and each will need its own special treatment.

If the dependency has been going on for many years, this will also affect the type of treatment you get. Certain substances are more difficult to overcome and this will also depend on the individual.

Marketing Your Rehab Clinic:

There are several effective ways you can get your admissions up and get people the help they need. There are also ways to market without breaking the bank.

Word of Mouth:

This is a great way to get your service known honestly and with virtually no cost to you. This can happen in a few different ways.


Having your rehab clinic reviewed will get the word out to the public. Due to the very nature of the rehab clinic, people may have trust issues. When people are looking for a rehab clinic, they read and trust the opinion of people who have actually been there.

People can use any type of online forum to review your clinic and get the word out. This is very helpful if you are relatively new to an area. A few words to get the word out will draw attention to the clinic

You can encourage your clients to offer up a review, and even add an incentive for them to do so. Keep in mind, a bad review is not always bad news unless there is a server infraction.

A bad review by one person isn’t the worst thing that can happen. If they are very specific in what they didn’t like, it not only helps you guide your clinic but it may be just what someone else is looking for.

Read the Comments:

When people leave bad reviews or comments that are less than kind, you need to read them. You will be able to sift through them to get rid of the stuff that is just spam and find the ones that are helpful.

When people complain, it’s usually for a good reason. take that comment to heart and see if there is something you can do about it.

Reply to the comment with something positive, thank them for commenting, that you heard them you are sorry they experienced that and you are working to fix it.

Give Good Service for the Review:

Asking for a great review is one method but providing great service is better. Having well-trained and experienced staff, a professional and welcoming environment, and consistency.

While everyone is entitled to receive help, you need to keep an eye on the group involved. If there are people who are abusive, unwilling to participate, or just disruptive, that can quickly drive people away.

There are plenty of rehab centers available, so if you feel that someone may benefit from a different type of program or treatment, you can help them find rehab centers to help them.

Get Involved:

There are plenty of ways you can get yourself and your rehab clinic involved in the community and the area of rehab in general.

If your clinic is in a neighborhood that has festivals or street parties, you can set up a booth, participate in their parade or local fair, or even add signage for the increased passers-by.

There is no better way to get yourself known in a neighborhood than joining in. Hosting an event at the festival or just putting it on your own can really drive up interest in your services.


By volunteering your time or your services, you show you are committed to helping, to enhancing the quality of the neighborhood and its people. It’s a selfless act that has great rewards.

Community involvement and volunteering to help others are one of the best marketing strategies, in particular for a service that helps people.

Online Involvement:

You should really have your own social media pages set up to get the word about your services. Adding pictures, comments, special events, and even offers for free help or advice can generate interest and followers.

Following and commenting on similar services will actually help you get more notice, as well. Showing an interest in all areas of the drug rehab services South Florida offers keeps you in the loop and informed, plus gives your service more presents.

If you can buy drugs online, you can sell drug rehab there, too. An online presence has the ability to go viral in minutes if you are using the right content.

The Right Content:

A blog, pictures, recipes, and best of all, videos can really get people interested and keep them there. Videos can be made professionally or even with your smartphone, that will look stylish and artistic, and tell a story.

A short video talking about your rehab clinic, the services you provide, and even anonymous testimonials are perfect ways to get your admissions up. people love to hear about other people succeeding in things they are also trying to conquer.

Keep in Touch:

Staying in touch with past clients or offering follow-up sessions keeps people interested, keeps them focused on their goals, and can generate new interests from would-be clients.

An email list of past or potential patients, offering a newsletter and comments about any special events that are coming up can be a good way to stay current.

This falls back to the word of mouth section, as well, as this is a service that not all rehab clinics will provide and it shows you care enough to go an extra mile.

Traditional Advertising:

Putting ads in local papers, neighborhood flyers, and, depending on your budget, on the local radio station or television will certainly help to get your clinic known.

Another inexpensive way to take advantage of good old-fashioned bulletin boards in hospitals, grocery stores, and other public spaces.

Pinning up a flyer or small poster offering your services might be just what someone needs to take the next step. It’s a discrete and inexpensive way to market your rehab clinic without any fuss or expense.

You can place flyers in places where people attend meetings for addition, as well. Their current situation may not be ideal and maybe they are looking for a new option. There are plenty of these places, active every day.

Start a Blog:

A blog is a great way to share stories, events, and weekly news and updates. People love to read about the happy ending and their success stories and are encouraged by their success.

Your blog also encourages people to comment and share their own stories and to examine your services further. You can inform readers about new treatments, tips for success, and a weekly success story.

You can give tips for healthy living, or how-to tips for staying focused and clean, with links to fun events or other areas that will help them.

Ask for Help:

You offer a service, don’t be afraid to ask for help yourself. You worked hard to get where you are, you want to make it all work out. Success comes to us in many disguises, and we need to be open to using what we have to achieve it.

Don’t make it difficult to succeed, you have the help you need close at hand.

For more information on this or other health care needs, please feel free to contact us.

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