Why Use a Custom Coin as an Alternative Business Card?

by Customer Service Published on: 03 May 2018 Last Updated on: 19 September 2018

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Modern technology is digitizing everything nowadays – news, photos, resumes, and even business cards.

LinkedIn now provides information all about a person or a company. You can even find the information that a business card provides on Facebook.

With that said, does this era still have room for paper business cards? Some experts think that the traditional way is still thriving, while the others think otherwise.

However, you don’t need to get yourself caught in this debate. You can offer an alternative business card that works even better than a paper card or a virtual profile.

Give custom coins a try. They do everything a business card does and more. Read on to know how coins can be a stepping stone for your business and how it can get you ahead of competitors.

It Delivers the Same Function :

What makes custom coins work as an alternative business card is that it’s just the traditional ones, only in currency form. The coin fill in the business card’s main purposes: it gives the potential partners or customers a quick way to get your contact information and it leaves an impression on the receiver.

Like a card, you can customize both sides to include your name, business’ logo, contact numbers, and some other information like your website and your position. It can be small, but you won’t likely need that much space anyway.

You can also look at the smaller space this way: it will also force you to get creative and choose only the crucial information as there is not much room. You can keep it simple enough while making sure it still leaves an impression.

That area may also be what a custom coin does best. It leaves a better impression than simply handing out a card. If you want the people to remember you and your company, handing out a coin unexpectedly will grant you a spot in their memories.

An Alternative Business Card Makes a Great First Impression :

As we’ve discussed above, it performs exactly what you’d want to do whenever you meet someone important: make a good first impression.

What makes first impressions important anyway?

Well, it’s true that our initial impression on a person upon meeting them programs the brain to see what it only expects to see in further interactions. Once a person forms a mental image of someone after the first interaction, the brain will then match someone’s actions on that mental image.

If you don’t like someone at first, you will likely see only the negative aspects going forward, even if your mental image of that person is not accurate.

A lot of factors manipulate how a person sees you, and you can count your business card as well.

Want to make every first impression positive? Surprise them with a coin as an alternative business card.

Seeing something unique instead of the usual card will generate positive feelings, so when people see it, they will think positively of you as well.

Of course, you also have to make an effort to better present yourself in front of other people.

You can’t simply hand out coins in hopes they will even think to look at it. Giving one simply ends the conversation on a high note, cementing a positive first interaction that you built up.

It Will Make You and Your Company Stand Out :

Business cards are pretty predictable, you’ll immediately know that there are going to be the contact information, the website, and whatnot. In a day full of people giving business cards, you’ll probably stash one away as soon as you receive it.

On the other hand, coins can take someone by surprise. When they receive one, they’ll spend a minute or two looking at it, both sides, to see what’s actually on there.

A few seconds is all you need to make a lasting impression. The logo and your company will make an imprint on the brain, not to mention the coin itself as an alternative business card will certainly be unforgettable.

This phenomenon extends to you like the coin owner as well. If the person you’re talking to has received 20 business cards from a business party, be the one to give them a coin. They might not be able to remember most of the 20 people he received business cards from, but they will remember the one that they gave the coin.

It’s a Great Conversation Starter :

Handing the business coin may be the end of the conversation for you, but it’s not for the receiver. If you successfully shocked them with it, they might use it as a conversation starter with someone else. It showcases your personality as a salesman in a positive light.

They may show it to another person in the party you didn’t have a chance to talk to or to someone in the industry that you never had a chance of meeting. This has one obvious advantage and another two that may not be too apparent.

First, it opens up a way for you that you never knew existed. The coin basically does the networking for you, as the other person might even be curious in the coin enough to give your business a call.

Second, it further cements this company in the mind of the person. The more they think and talk about it, the more they are more likely to contact you when they need someone in your industry.

Third, it will not likely to end up in a trash can with the other business cards. Coins look like they hold more value because we’re familiar with it as a form of currency, and who’s going to throw away something valuable? Furthermore, if they like it enough to show it to other people, they’ll likely keep it in a safe place.

It’s More Durable Than a Paper :

Lastly, custom coins as an alternative business card will last longer than a paper. You can clean it easily, and you won’t need to worry about it crumbling in your bag. They will make a lot of noise, though.

Learn More About the Industry :

Custom coins can only get you so far, but it’s the knowledge you have about business in general that will get you to the top.

Make sure to equip yourself with relevant materials by visiting our blog, which we designed to help you make your way up.

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