4 Things Your Customers Want From Your App

by Customer Service 13 February 2018

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Every app is a little bit different.  If they didn’t have anything unique, they wouldn’t sell, and so as you develop your app you need to keep in mind what separates it from all your competition. But, while your app needs to be unique, it also needs to have features and functionality that matches or beats the expectations of your customers. Apps have been around for many years now, and so the demand for quality is higher now than ever.

1. User Friendliness:

User Friendliness

No one wants to read a manual or go through a long tutorial just to figure out how your app works. The best apps are ones the user can understand instantly or after spending a short time playing around with the buttons and options. Making your app easy to use can actually be very hard, but you can stay on the right track by keeping a few ideas in mind. Ideas like “the more a user will do something the easier it should be to do” and “make sure users have ways to correct any mistakes they make.”

2. Personalization:

The easiest way to make your app completely unique is to let your users personalize the app for themselves. There are different ways of doing this depending on the type of app: music apps like Spotify and Pandora create custom playlists and music channels based on input from their users, and news apps let users decide which topics and which news providers interest them. But, any app can benefit from basic personalization options like background colors and profile images.

3. Connectivity:


It’s almost assumed at this point that app users will want their apps to connect to their social media profiles, whether that’s Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or all of the above. This lets them share their online activities with their friends, and it can help them keep track of everything they can do. It especially comes in handy when the app lets you speak or video chat with other people, and thanks to those added connections it’s important for app developers to use efficient programs like Agora for social media connections.

4. Speed:

Speed has always been essential, but customer expectations are higher now than ever before. If your app doesn’t respond to user input fast enough, or if it doesn’t at least show the user that it’s working, then there’s a good chance they’ll drop the app right then and there and look for something with a better response time. There are all kinds of ways to improve your app’s speed, including trimming unnecessary features, optimizing the code, and making the best use of the platform’s resources, and you’ll need to use them all.

When you create your app, you want it to be the best option around, or at least the best for your audience. That can mean doing a lot of different things depending on what kind of app you’re developing, but no matter what your audience will want a friendly user interface, a personalized approach, social connectivity, and the fastest speed possible.


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