How Using Telecom Services Can Benefit Your Business

by Customer Service Published on: 11 May 2018 Last Updated on: 18 September 2018

Telecom Services

The possibilities can feel endless when it comes to communication. Texting, emailing and social media, how do you get your message across?

But with limitless possibilities in connecting, comes gaps in communication. What does “best” in an email really mean? Should that important message to your boss about tomorrow’s all hands meeting be an e-mail or a text?

Which is why often the best way to communicate with someone, especially someone you work with, is by simply picking up the phone. It’s efficient, you can get your point across, and nothing is lost in translation.

Now more than ever, having a Telecom service is essential to your business. Here’s how using telecom services can benefit your business.

What is Telecom Services :

In 1885, when Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. Since then, the telephone has become and remains one of the most reliable, efficient and trusted forms of communication.

Because of the United States Communications Act of 1934 and Telecommunications Act of 1996, The Federal Communications Commission ensured that telecommunications are available to directly to the public for a fee regardless of the facilities used. Still today telecom services help businesses across the country. Here’s how:

Better Communication :

When you think of “Telecom services” you’re probably thinking of a landline phone call. But that’s not the case.

Telecom services provide your company with a network of information to be exchanged electronically from room to room across the world. This includes telephones, computers, fax machines smartphones, and tablets.

This also includes text messages, which each year are becoming the go-to form of communication. According to the Pew Research Center, in 2015, 81% of Americans text regularly. According to CTIA, in 2016 over 6 billion texts were sent every day. But none of those messages would get sent from your office if your telecom service sucks.

Access to these devices and services allow your employees to work on documents, send and receive emails and join conversations via conference calls. So even when employees are out of the office, they’ll never miss a beat.

Work From Anywhere :

More and more people are working from home or on the go these days. According to Global Workplace Analytics, the number of people who work from home has grown 115 percent since 2005.

If you have remote or freelance employees that need travel frequently to do their job, you need an efficient and reliable telecom service to stay connected.

Typically these employees work in sales or technical and service teams and often spend a good portion of their workday visiting customers or traveling to conferences.

Having a reliable telecom service with these remote employees allow them to stay connected and up to date with what’s happening in the office. You might even feel that your remote employees are in the office next to you when really they’re thousands of mile away.

Improved Team Collaboration :

Does your company work or collaborate with other businesses and organizations to get the job done? Perhaps you turn to a third party for corporate initiatives, new products, programs and even marking campaigns. How does your company and this third-party connect and collaborate efficiently?

Telecom services allow your employees to collaborate with other companies without dropping any communication. This is essential to keep these connections for your business alive and thriving.

Customer Service :

If you have a problem with a product or company what is the best way to get in contact with them? Picking up the phone and talking to their customer service, right?

If one of your clients has an issue (don’t worry, it happens) they will likely pick up the phone to call your organization because it’s efficient and direct.

This communication between your company and your customers is vital to reinforce your brand.

It’s also crucial to your relationship with not only your current but also your potential customers.

A lack of communication between you and your client can really hurt your business. And a hole in your company’s communication usually means you have an unreliable telecom service

By using call management functions, you can answer your customer’s calls properly. You can handle their calls quickly, even when lines are busy, ensuring your customer will never hear the busy signal. You also can direct their calls to the proper person, or even let them choose with a “Press ‘1’ for Sales,” automatic option.

You can also follow up with your customer after an interaction or sale to make sure they had a pleasant experience. This is crucial to getting feedback and learning about anything you and your team may need to improve on.

Work with One Telecom Provider :

When it comes to choosing your telecom provider, the possibilities can feel endless. Much like dating, you want to choose one, not multiple providers.

If you can’t commit to one telecom service, things get complicated. And nothing is worse than “it’s complicated” when it comes to your business’ communication.

Also like dating more than one person, using more than one telecom provider can get expensive. Find one telecom company that can provide the same services and features that three or more do. Once you find “the one” (telecom service) you and your company will be much happier.

The Benefit of Telecom Master Agents :

A telecom master agent will be able to provide your company with all the communication you need. Most businesses don’t even know this service is even offered.

A good telecom master agent gets to know you and your company’s needs. This allows them to design a custom and tailor-made plan with solutions to all your telecom needs. This is crucial as every company’s needs are different.

Master agents also make sure you never have to keep up with several carriers. This is not only is a hassle, it’s also inefficient.

A good master agent is able to network and negotiate with local and national providers. And then combine all of the technologies your business needs into one solid plan to keep you really connected.

If a telecom master agent does their job right, you won’t have to worry about your telecom services.

Instead, you are able to focus on what really matters. You work. Now you can use the time and energy you usually spend tracking down and being on hold with carriers, on your business making your company more efficient and more successful.

Telecom Services Can Future-Proof Your Business :

At the end of the day, isn’t that the most important thing for your company, the future?

Sure, no one can actually predict the future. All you can do try your best to keep up. You can constantly change and pivot your business to where the industry is going.

You can also try your best to satisfy your customer’s every need. That means making sure your company is investing in telecom services and technology that can help your business either scale up or scale back when needed.

And with the world constantly changing, your business needs to be able to change it. This means always making sure your software, hardware and all of your other technologies and systems are updated so you can keep your business relevant to the future.

Thankfully, many applications like cloud-based technology and other software programs, update automatically. This makes sure your business is at the forefront of any changes.

And if you’re still not sold, think of this. How would you feel about working with a company that didn’t use email or scans and insisted everything is faxed to them? Not pretty confident in the efficiency of that company, right?

Showing your clients that you’re on top of all industry and technological changes help them trust you. And that trust is not on essential or today, it’s also crucial for the foreseeable future.

To Wrap it Up :

Well, there you have it. Telecom services can really make or break your business.

You want to find a service that works for you and your business and commit to one service or have a telecom master agent handle it for you. Telecom services should just work smoothly so you don’t have to focus on it and can just focus on growing your company.

You need a solid telecom service to help keep your remote and freelance employees in the loop no matter where they are. You also need to have a good service provider so you can not only connect and collaborate with other businesses, but you can help make your clients feel like they’re important and their calls matter.

You also always want to keep your telecom services up to date and in line with the changes in technology to help future proof your business. While we don’t know what the future brings, we do know we’ll be communicating.

That hasn’t changed since the beginning of time, and it’s vital for your company to make sure your communication is as clear and efficient as possible.

Hopefully, all of this insight will help you and your company thrive and flourish. For more info on telecom services and how to improve your own, contact us.


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