Printing Business Cards: Things You Need To Know

by Customer Service 06 April 2018

Business Card

The business card is often the first contact that a prospective customer or client is likely to have with your organization.  So, it’s really important that you have a business card that is perfect enough to give them a great impression as well as to encourage them to know more about you and your organization and the kind of work you do.

To leave a positive first impression your card needs to be unique and carefully designed. The business card printing by Arielle Careers could help you do it correctly. Below are some of the tips that can help you create a business card that is professional and distinctive.

Tips to follow while printing business cards :

Let your card be simple :

It’s always good to keep your business card simple. Though many are tempted to use materials like wood, metal or even cloth to print their business cards, you need to consider how practical that would be. Of course, this card would be quite unique and memorable but if your customer wishes to write some of the extra details of your company on the card, it would turn out to be difficult.

The thickness of your business card :

The thickness of the paper of a business card is worth considering. The benefit of a thicker business card is that it gives the impression that it’s quite expensive which in turn gives a professional look to your business and organization. Always avoid printing business cards in a paper that is thinner than 300 gsm. This causes the card to appear cheap as it looks and feels thin. You don’t want to create such a first impression on your prospective customers.

The details to be printed :

Consider carefully all the information that you wish to convey through your business card. Your name, designation, the name of your organization and the logo of your company needs to be displayed clearly for your customers to understand. When it comes to giving your contact details make sure you do it in a way so that the card will not look crowded. Adding your phone number, email address and a website are important. In the present day, most of the organizations do not include their addresses on business cards so as to save space. If space is a concern, you can definitely omit the address from the design.

Font and size of the text :

Shrinking the size of the text to add more details would not be a wise idea as it might be very difficult to read and understand on a business card.  It’s always best to keep your text size above 8pt to make it legible. Keep in mind that your organization is professional so though you may be tempted to use a font that is calligraphic it’s better to avoid doing it. Stick to a font that is simple yet professional.

Plain and simple or bright and colorful :

Plain and simple cards never go out of style. The simple black and white design still continue to be used by many of the companies and professionals. However, adding bright and beautiful colors to your card in the right manner would make your business card unique and attractive. This gives an original and fresh look to your card. This method is being adopted by a number of organizations engaged in creativity or decorations and by a number of start-ups too.

Embossing the words :

You can make your business card look elegant and stylish by embossing the words in it which creates a 3D effect. This could add life to an otherwise dull black and white business card. People are also likely to remember such business cards which are more tactile.

Picture content and choice of colors :

Many times the back of a business card is left blank. Adding a visual content like the logo of your company or a picture of one of the products or services would be a wise idea as they tend to speak a lot more than words. When it comes to the choice of colors, stick to your brand colors if you have them or else choose colors that are complementary without losing the professional look of your card.

Safe area and borders :

Keep all the important details in the safe area of the card to avoid it being cut off in printing. For reasons that are practical, it’s best to avoid borders in the design of your business card.

Your business card represents you, your mission and vision and your organization. A card that is perfectly designed and printed on the right scale will help you get the attention of the potential customers.

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