Tips for Improving Your Customer Communication in California

by Customer Service Published on: 29 January 2021 Last Updated on: 12 March 2021

Customer Communication

If you are like most California businesses, you are consistently seeking new ways to improve customer loyalty and engagement, which then increase your market share. However,

Phone System

Phone System

Every business needs a reliable phone service. When you started your business, you probably searched for a local service provider, such as “California phone services, “ but phone services have changed significantly in the last few decades. For example, now you can make and receive calls in any location and on any device with either a data plan or internet access. Some phone services can also reduce your phone bills by more than 50%, and many offer free features you used to have to pay for.

As you research phone systems for California, consider your company’s growth and the scalability of the phone service you choose. You may also consider all the tools and features you will receive for free and those you have to pay for. Don’t forget to discuss security with your prospective companies. Look for a service that offers high-quality, clear, crisp calling and no lag time or background noise.


Like most people, your clients want immediate, or at least rapid, answers to questions. They also prefer to speak with a company representative right away. If they are not able to speak with you right away, they may move on to another company that is more responsive. Therefore, you should consider increasing your availability. For example, you may offer extended service hours or work with an answering service. You may also add mobility capabilities to your California phone system so your employees are available to call or receive client calls even when they are out of the office.

First Impressions

First Impressions

Your customers’ first impressions of you will determine their loyalty to your company and brand. Therefore, your client interactions are vital. Try to ensure that your clients’ first experiences with your California company are positive, but if they are negative, your company should do everything possible to immediately fix the issue. Communications and process training will help your employees treat your clients with kindness, courtesy, and respect.

Your customers should feel like they are speaking with a friend or acquaintance. Don’t use highly technical terms and scripted language. Keep your tone and speech positive.

Reduce Hold Times

Lengthy automated systems and long hold times do not please your customers. Your staffing should meet your customer demands. You don’t want your customers to get frustrated and hang up before you can help them. Pay attention to how your calls are routed and that voicemail is available quickly if no one is available to answer calls.

Call Your Customers


Your customers want to hear from you. Consider returning their calls quickly, within less than 24 hours, and calling them after purchase to ensure they are satisfied. Many orders are placed online today, but if you are working with a client who is in the middle of an order and hasn’t yet completed it, give them a call and offer to help them or answer their questions. You may also offer multiple purchases, product, or service options.

Ask for Feedback


Customers feel valued when they are asked for their feedback. Then, evaluate the feedback you receive and implement strategies that address any valid customer issues. If your customers feel that their needs matter to you, they will be loyal to your California company and brand.

In addition, bad experiences spread quickly in this age of social media. You can prevent the spread of bad reviews and encourage your customers to share how you solved their problems while providing valuable service.

As you implement your communication strategies, consider working with a phone company in California that provides you with great service, unique features, and increased security at a reasonable cost.

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