How Technology Can Help Boost Your Pharma Sales

by Technology 11 May 2021

Technology Can Help Boost Your Pharma Sales

There are new therapies, drugs, and lines of treatment every day. As a small business, it is essential that you remain competitive.

A vital part of remaining agile within your business industry is technology.

Technology gives us access to better insight, higher productivity, and automation of repetitive tasks.

How can your pharma company leverage technology to boost your sales?

Supporting Tech:

Supporting Tech:

The right technology will help support your sales pipelines and funnel, training support for staff, social media automation, productivity improvements, and more.

Typically pharma companies can benefit from using technology in these areas:

Digital Communication Tools-

Video calls between staff, screen-sharing for training, remote meetings, instant messaging, and phone.

Administration Tools-

Neat record-keeping, documentation sharing, and organization, contract maintenance, and organization.


Keeping your customer relationships organized, managing the customer journey, arranging customers into categories, allowing for smart follow-ups.

Data Analytics-

Use a BI tool to ensure you have all of the data for sales, sales forecasting, and predicting your future sales.



The more streamlined your sales team or sales funnel the more cash you’ll make.

Employee scheduling software and time tracking can get insights into how and where your employees are spending their time.

Benefits of technology for productivity:

Increased Organization:

Using technology to organize files, tags with the correct file label is just the start. Move to cloud technology to ensure everyone has access to what they need immediately.


Remote workers, regular workers, and freelancers can be a lot to keep track of. Using technology, you can check for availability faster.

Customer Services:

Automating your customer service is one of the most significant ways to decrease costs and increase customer service.

Great customer care is one of the most important aspects of growing your business and securing loyal customers.

If you don’t have many hands on deck then customer service can be a difficult thing to overcome.

Smarter Staff:

If your inventory is well documented, the ingredients are in a system, the stock and order status is easy to access – your staff can be smarter.

Accurate product information will give your staff the tools to service your customers to the best of their ability.

Your staff will be able to tackle complicated questions more confidently and increase your positive customer feedback.

Social Media:

Building relationships with your customers can happen across many different platforms.

Social media allows you to speak to your current customers directly. Hesitant buyers can check your social media to get a feel for your company.

Branded social media accounts can be a great two-way interaction with your customers.

If you aren’t sold on having a social media account for your business then the following statistic might help.

Sprout Social found that “Consumers who connect with brands on social media are loyal customers, with about nine out of 10 people saying they buy from companies they follow on social networks”. 

Gamification of Training:

Qstream found that after training, staff forgets up to 79% of the new information they are given.

This statistic shows that staff training can often be a waste of time and money.

The gamification of staff training is a more innovative way to train staff. The platform (depending on the type you use) will be accessible to staff all the time.

Allowing them to access training materials at their own pace. Keeping refreshed and ensuring the information gets adequately absorbed.

The game-like elements of the platform make training more exciting and may offer a range of perks and bonuses to the staff who are consistently performing.


Automation can feel vague, but many places will benefit from automation within your company.

Here are a couple of areas automation can improve your workflow and pace.

  • Social media is usually the first place that people will automate
  • Automation of newsletter signup funnels
  • Sales funnel automation
  • Automates response and customer service
  • Inbound leads can be automatically assigned to sales reps with space on their schedule.

Technology is one of the most potent things that your pharma company has to increase your sales.

Highlight areas within your business that have a lot of repetition are time-consuming or need to be sped up.

Implementing technology in the right place will increase sales, decrease your spend and see your business have happier and more loyal customers.

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