7 Genuine Customer Service Tips to WOW! Your Customers in 2019

by Customer Service Published on: 05 March 2019 Last Updated on: 17 March 2020

Even though the thing we call customer service has been around for a very long time, some companies still rely on the most basic – and not the best – customer service practices there can be.

Obviously, we talk about copy-paste messages and replies that are constantly fed to customers – while these may work in certain scenarios, they are not likely to leave a good impression on your customers or possible customers.

Therefore, in today’s article, we’ll be talking about how you can your customer service team can leave more than just a good impression to the people they are talking with – let’s see how you can make them go WOW!

First Impressions Matter:

Just as if they were meeting someone new and interesting, the customer service team should have the same approach when talking to a new customer. Moreover, if they have to choose between a repeating customer and a new one, they should – almost – always choose the first-time one and try to fix their issue or address their complaints.

The best way to get a returning customer is to make them feel like their interaction with your product/ service is the most important thing for you.

Settle for the Unexpected:

Usually, customer service is known for giving basic replies or messages to matters that customers care about or take seriously. More than that, most customer service employees only want to get through their job/ interaction as fast as possible.

However, few companies try to impress by doing the unexpected – for example, you could select a couple of customers and send them free samples of your product, or even thank you cards or e-mails or, even better, analyze your repeating customers and see which one of them has the most needs and prepare them a surprise.

Always Offer Your Customers a Solution:

When the customer service team is facing a problem that their company has no solution for, it is strongly recommended that they don’t just leave the customer hanging, without any answers.

The customer service should not be set on only helping the company but, first and foremost, on helping its customers and solving their problems.

Offer Refunds:

Nowadays, most products are ordered online – therefore, the customer can never be too sure that what they ordered will actually be useful or fit them. In this respect, you should always be up to offer some refunds.

First of all, this builds up a company’s transparency and increases the level of trust of your customers – moreover, if you have refunds available, you will always know how to further improve your products so that you decrease the number of refunds. It’s mostly a win-win situation, for both you and the customer.

Response Time – Faster and Faster!

“We’ll get back to you in 1 to 2 business days” is a phrase that no customer wants to hear. In short, if they have an issue, they want it fixed as soon as possible – moreover, it is your product and, thus, you should be able to get through anything that’s related to it.

The idea here is that you have to value your customer’s time – instead of the usual e-mail update as the one mentioned above, you could go for a more personalized and efficient answer that shows your customers that you want, as well, to get their problems solved as soon as possible.

Personalized Replies:

This one is pretty much self-explanatory – if you want to just WOW! your customers and have them come back for more, you should really opt for personalized e-mails and/ or calls.

When contacting customer support, we usually feel like we’re talking with robots – the same old template replies and all that. Instead of doing that, make sure that your customer support team always comes up with a personal touch in e-mails, calls, social media replies and such.

Self-Service Options:

Most of the times, a customer will try to fix the issue they have with your product/ service by looking for it online. Naturally, they will start by searching your website for any possible fixes or hints.

In this respect, you should come up with more than just a few self-service options – such as a FAQ or such. This way, your customer will know that you actually think of him and provide him with solutions for certain issues without them having to contact the customer service team.

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